‘Feel the Love, Baby’ (2017)

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Remember this? Horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas–and there’s this CBS “legal executive”  sorta glad about it because it was only country and western music fans who got shot and you know they’re mostly Republicans, yatta-yatta…

Feel the Love, Baby

Well, she wound up being fired. Can’t let the mask slip. Most embarrassing for CBS, letting the normal people know how deeply you despise them. Keep it up and you might lose viewers.

People-hating liberals have quietly seized control of most of our political and social institutions and turned them against us. You can’t even watch a ballgame on TV anymore without them getting in your face and calling you a racist.

Why in the world do we permit it?

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  1. The issues at hand these days, are not insubstantial. Sadly, the Left no longer wants to discuss issues are their merit, but wants to simply attack. They don’t value life, so the life of anyone that disagrees is of no concern. These people reveal much about themselves and the true nature of their opinions.

  2. Who says Nov. 3rd is not the most important election in our lives? It is sanity against insanity, rationality against emotionalism, it is patriotism against anti-patriotism, and it is God verses the devil.

    1. I have a feeling these reblogged posts *do* wind up someplace where people can read them. I just don’t know what place that is.

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