Hidin’ with Biden

Renee Lynn on Twitter: "Trump will win by a landslide. Over 1 million  people requested tickets for his rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, Saturday,  tomorrow. People been camping outside for days already. This

Is this a blog or a Biden rally? I mean, look at this–you could seat ’em 50 feet apart and still have room for more. I found so few views on my blog this morning, I thought for a minute I was at a Biden rally.

The noozies tell us Gibberin’ Joe is up 12 to 15 points in the polls–blowout country. Gonna be worse than what Johnson did to Goldwater. Roosevelt to Hoover.

Then you look at the rallies. Trump rally: thousands. Biden rally: lucky if you’ve got enough for a pick-up game of half-court basketball. And even then most of those are “journalists” covering the damned thing and “reporting” on JB’s unstoppable rush to the White House.

Well, look for those boxcar-loads of previously overlooked ballots, all of them filled out for Biden, to try to make the journalists’ pipe dreams a reality. What–we need a million votes? No problem, man–here’s a million mail-in ballots that we missed the first time!

So don’t believe your lying eyes.

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  1. Lee, I can’t believe it when I hear that Biden is ahead in the polls. I can’t believe it because of Biden rally photos. They’re unconvincing. But it can happen; he can become President. I’m praying it won’t happen.

    1. I don’t believe Biden’s ahead in the reliable polls. I watched the video of him saying he was going to get rid of medicare and social security. It got backlash. Now he’s spewing ads saying Trump is going to get rid of medicare and social security AND raise taxes. The problem is that there are too many DIRCS (democrats in republican clothes) in the GOP and they don’t respond properly or not at all. Nevertheless, the democrats can’t win without cheating, rigging, and stealing votes, which they plan to do. We might have to rely on republicans, voters, and supporters to challenge the votes. Unfortunately, with mail-in ballots, nobody is watching, nobody sees anything, and there’s no immediate feed back as there is when voting in person at a machine.

  2. It’s those mail-in ballots that I worry about — or, rather, the previously prepared and boxed ballots waiting to be brought out when they’re needed.

    The old Democrats were pikers in using only dead people’s ballots in the past. Now they’re using nonexistent people’s ballots as well.

  3. The Biden campaign could round up more supporters if they really wanted, but then it would destroy their covid narrative, which they think is somehow helping them. So they have boxed themselves into a corner. The biggest indication of enthusiasm is regular people holding boat and car parades on their own for Trump. You just don’t see that with Biden supporters.

  4. Because Hunter Biden’s laptop emails have been confirmed as authentic, Biden has put a lid on campaigning until Thursday night’s debate. I hope wipes the floor with that lying Biden.

  5. The medical profession is declaring Biden mentally unfit – sure, now that there are 30 million mail-in ballots cast and in the hands of democrats who are busy changing them! Yes, we all knew this, and also know that THIS is exactly why he was chosen by the DNC – to put ineligible Kamala Harris in his place.

    Ronald Reagan once said: “Keep voting Democrat and one day they will restrict your freedoms, restrict your history, and restrict your safety. All in the name of professional victims that don’t understand the consequences of their ignorance.”

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