Nudes Battle for Berth on Bed!

There is no cause for alarm. I am merely trying to amass clicks. Once I’ve mastered the art, I’ll apply for a job with the Sacramento Bee, where the more clicks you get, the higher your pay. Please note that I haven’t actually told a lie: both the cat and the dog are in the nude. And they’re quarreling over a spot on a bed.

I probably should have taken care to falsify something, as I re-learn how to be a journalist.

4 comments on “Nudes Battle for Berth on Bed!

  1. Now that is the kind of insightful journalism we need more of!

    I shouldn’t say this, but my cat is a nudist. For that matter, I am too, but I camouflage it by wearing clothes over my nudism. 🙂

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