For Sale, Cheap! Really, Really Cheap!

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Every now and then my old liquidator’s instincts come to the fore–hey, somebody has to get rid of all that unwanted product–and I spot a deal that’s sure to pay off.

And here’s one that can’t miss! Are you ready for… Jeffrey Toobin workout tapes?

It takes a lot of energy to pontificate to America on TV–so easy just to turn into Jabba the Hutt, to say nothing of your social life going downhill because you’re stuck at the studio. So you need a little physical pick-me-up whenever the camera turns the other way.

It’s not exactly Pumping Iron … but it is our ruling class demonstrating once again why they deserve to decide what kind of country we’ll have, and we don’t.

5 comments on “For Sale, Cheap! Really, Really Cheap!

  1. Shame on you, Lee!!!! And shame on me for almost falling out of my chair from laughing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Jo Biden is always bragging about how many pushups he can do, and challenging his constituents to a physical altercation, I bet he would have time while hiding out in his bunker to make a work out tape. A better seller would be on how he plagiarizes other people’s words to make them his own, and how to bold facedly lie.

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