How the University Wastes Your Money

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Could we wake up now, please–while there’s still something left for us to wake up to?

If you missed Walter Williams’ column on yesterday (, “Disgusting Professorial Teachings,” read it today.

Yes, our colleges and universities are chock-full of race-baiting swabs posing as professors; but I wish to draw your particular attention to some information given toward the end of the column.

At the University of Pennsylvania, the looniversity’s Chief Diversity Officer earns a salary of $580,000 a year. That’s right–over half a million dollars. And for what?

At the University of Michigan, the Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion (what the hell–?) and the Chief Diversity Officer are paid $385,000 a year.

Elsewhere, throughout the land, chief diversity scammers are paid $200,000 a year and up.

This is your money, people! You worked for it. You pay it out in tuition and your taxes. And look what you’re getting for it! C’mon–how many of you even know what a “vice provost for equity and inclusion” is? But you’re paying for it.

Stop, stop, stop, stop the waste! Williams suggests the alumni zip their checkbooks shut. Even better if the rest of us simply stop sending our kids there.

Oh–and you’re paying for those disgusting professorial teachings, too.

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    1. Still waiting for Dr. Sowell to take back his characterization of Donald Trump as a national calamity. But I still love him.

  1. I keep meaning to respond to these posts about “higher” education (maybe “higher” because high on crack, but in no other way I can think of), but I just don’t know where to start or how to keep from writing a 20-page essay. Suffice to say I retired in the nick of time, and that was only 11 years ago. When I did retire, I kept myself on my department’s faculty listserv, and now and then I visit the dept website. So I know for certain that by now I wouldn’t be able to teach there at all. Again, I can’t go into all the details, but two of the courses I used to teach are no longer offered; one course was folded into another when the university switched from quarter to semester system, and even that one hasn’t been taught in the past two years; the “studies” courses and victimology courses have swamped everything else; and, according to the course descriptions that I’ve been reading for the past few semesters, even the few courses that I might still teach are being used as stalking horses for woke studies. And now the general education (aka core curriculum) requirements are causing more changes in the courses, so that all the lower division courses are about to be transformed into woke studies. (E.g., “Shakespeare, Race, and Gender” “Class and Gender in Literature,” “The Black Atlantic” [I have no idea what that might be], and so on.)

    Well, I said I wouldn’t go on at length, so call me a liar. It’s just heartbreaking. I loved to teach; I loved what I was teaching; I loved my students. And it’s all gone. Even some of the faculty whom I knew was friends with before I retired — even two of the medievalists who once complained about all the “ism” courses that had begun to swamp the standard literature courses — have drunk deeply of the Kool-Aid and it’s turned them into strangers. They talk about anti-racism and white privilege and LGBTQXYZ and all the rest of it as though it’s just something taken for granted. Not something they’re required to teach but something that just ought to be taught and should have been taught long ago. Three of these people were special friends of mine while I was there. We ate out together; we visited each other’s homes; and one of them is even in my will, at her request, to adopt any cat I might leave behind when I die. They’ve all gone insane.

    Well, so much for my promise not to write an essay. At least it isn’t 20 pages long. This is so sad for me. Not just a cause of outrage, but a cause of true sorrow. I really loved my profession. And it’s … dead.

    1. In the second paragraph, that should have been “whom I knew AND was friends with.”

    2. I feel much the same about what we now laughingly call “journalism.” I was good at it. I worked hard at it. And today it’s all turned into crap.
      We sat down by the waters of Babylon, and wept…

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