UK: Teaching ‘Critical Race Theory’ in Schools is ‘Breaking the Law’

Kemi Badenoch: I'm black but I'm also a woman, a mum and an MP | London  Evening Standard

Kemi Badenoch–go ahead, call her a white supremacist

This from the United Kingdom’s Minister for Equities, Kemi Badenoch:

“I want to be absolutely clear this government stands unequivocally against critical race theory” ( And so is “teaching Black Lives Matter ideology,” she added.

Question: What are they going to do about it? How do they make it stop?

“Critical Race Theory” propounds that all white people are racists, inherently guilty of racism, etc., etc. Here in America, President Donald Trump recently banned CRT teaching within the various federal bureaucracies–largely funded by white Americans’ tax dollars.

To teach “inherited guilt” and “white privilege” as if they were facts, Ms. Badenoch said, is not education but “politics”–and is against the law. Or, to put it another way, it’s nothing but race-hustling and hate-mongering. If anyone “taught” inherited black guilt, it’d be prosecuted as a hate crime. But everything’s a one-way street with the Far Left Crazy.

Again, what are they going to do about it?

We’re waiting.

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