‘By Order of the Governor’

Governor: Plan to reopen New Mexico economy 'complicated' | KRQE News 13

Are you getting as tired of these signs as I am? “By order of the governor.” You’re only supposed to see that after your country gets conquered by a foreign enemy.

Or a domestic enemy.

I am hampered by an inability to understand or relate to an unquenchable lust for power over other people–the dominant characteristic of all leftids. Especially when they already have lots and lots of power! As for grinding us down to take our wealth–well, how much wealthier does John Kerry or Bill Gates need to be? They’re already wealthy! You can only spend so much of it before you die.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! COVID-19, man! They can’t let us live like human beings because King Virus is gonna kill everybody dead–except, of course, if you’re out there to riot. As long as you’re setting fire to cars, looting stores, and beating people up because Black Lives Matter, the Doomsday Virus will pass right over you. (See? Toldja! Leftism must always parody a real religion. Here we have the virus sparing or “passing over” rioters–a parody of the Jewish Passover.)

On Nov. 3, Election Day, we have a chance to put a stop to this. Smash the Democrat Party in the election–not just beat ’em: smash ’em, put ’em out of ;business–and we have a chance to rediscover what government by normal people looks like. Put the fear into all politicians who think we exist for them to feed on. Because it’s not healthy, for government to hold the people in contempt! As Thomas Jefferson said, when the government fears the people, you have liberty; but when the people fear the government, you have tyranny.

They’ve used fear of the virus to scare us into submission.

But it’s getting old fast.

Time to put the fear back where it belongs–in the breasts of politicians.

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  1. Yes, it was “old” to me at the very beginning. In fact, a lot of life is getting very old, and partly because I am already old. My internet has been down since early yesterday afternoon, due to a sudden and very heavy snow fall. We have 7 inches on the ground, temp. up from 13 to 26. Fap! and more. Car battery is too low to turn the car over, and on it goes.

  2. It may seem strange but thank God the Wuhan Virus wasn’t like the pandemic of 1918-1919 for then the Left really would have a field day in locking us all down. Living in Arkansas Covid=19 has only been an annoyance but my friends in California are still in social prison. Trump is leading the way into the sunshine of America’s future while Biden is prophesying a dark winter.

  3. “Escape from Wales? Britain’s Most Out of Control Covid-19 Lockdown” And Britain is preventing everyone from leaving the country.

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