‘Once a Meat-Head, Always a Meat-Head’ (2017)

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Still a meat-head

Almost a year after Donald Trump’s election, left-wing imbeciles were still fantasizing about somehow removing him from office and “installing” Hillary Clinton as the “rightful president.” To this day they’ve never given up on that.

Once a Meat-head, Always a Meat-head

We thought Rob Reiner was only acting when he played “Meat-Head,” Archie Bunker’s brain-dead liberal son-in-law on All in the Family. Well, he wasn’t acting, was he? He really is a left-wing lump of dust.

God help us if these people win. The 2020 elections are just a few days away. God help us if they win.

But why should He help us, if we let them win?

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  1. Lee,

    Don’t call Rob Reiner MeatHead. That is insulting to meat. I didn’t care for him back in the day and, from what I can tell, he’s only gone downhill since.

  2. I’ve always thought it amusing that Norman Lear set out to make Archie Bunker a figure of ridicule and wound up accidentally making him one of the most insightful (and incisive) characters in the show. Sort of like the movie “Forrest Gump” — when a friend of mine, a fellow Vietnam veteran, and I saw the movie together, we agreed that they’d set out to make an anti-war movie and wound up doing just the opposite, making the anti-war figures a bunch of losers and the patriots, Christians, and other traditional-values people the heroes.

  3. On a more serious note, Lee, about your final comments on the election…. Some rabbinic teaching about why the Israelites had to wander in the wilderness for 40 years isn’t just that they believed the discouraging words of the spies and, showing lack of faith in God’s promise, refused to enter the Promised Land. It’s also that after centuries of slavery they’d forgotten how to be free and had to learn from scratch. So the old generation of former slaves had to die off and a new generation with no memory of being slaves had to be readied to enter the Promised Land as free people. We haven’t lived for centuries as slaves, but at least three generations have now been brainwashed into thinking like slaves of the State, the media, and self-indulgence. Even if President Trump is reelected, does that just put off our exile in the wilderness for four years? Or will the next four years be a breakthrough and even young people start learning what it means to be free?

    1. That’s an interesting comment, Phoebe. The Civics classes that had me rolling my eyes and feigning distress were essential. Obviously, I learned something from it, because to this day, I love freedom and appreciate it. This country needs a change in values.

      The character of Meathead was based on a social phenomenon of that time period, people whom were not hippies, per se, but were bought into those values, to some degree. They sort of fell off the map after 1980, but suddenly, these values are back in full force. What is surprising is the rapidity of its return and the degree of militancy. For the past 40 years or so, these anti-American values have been introduced to young minds in our schools. Overall, I am optimistic, but there’s going to be a lot of work required to explain just how exceptional American traditional values are.

  4. Observe the enthusiasm at Trump Rallies wherever they are held. I bet when the rally is over the grounds are not strewn with trash and used-up condoms. Then contrast that to the BLM/Antifa “rallies” where they not only trash the place they are at but also destroy cars and buildings, loot stores, and throw bottles at police. Which America do most people want to be a part of? Decent people do not want to be a part of a social justice movement where Satan is their leader.

  5. “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.”
    “You’ll eat much less meat”— And “you’ll be happy about it.”
    “You’ll have to pay to emit carbon dioxide”— And “you’ll be happy about it.”

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