‘Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob’ (2016)

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Look at that. It’s been four years since Science discovered–to its dismay, we might add–that “global warming” is caused not by common people’s air conditioners and toilet paper, but by vast natural processes that no one understands and no amount of government can control. In this case, an overall warming of the Pacific Ocean: “El Nino,”

Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob

Well, you weren’t expecting leftids to give up “Climate Change,” did you? It’s the best excuse they’ve ever concocted for grabbing control of other people’s lives. It’s kind of a sickness with them. Like alcoholism.

Oh–and over here it’s twenty-some degrees this morning… Hoo-hah, Global Warming.

What bunk.

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  1. They will never admit they were wrong, though. No matter how many times they are proved wrong, they just come up with another asinine excuse. After all, many of them are getting rich touting this lie, just like the “scientists” who, with serious expression and voice, sounding very knowledgeable, speak of the Billions of years and evolution of the universe. They make me nauseas, so I turn them off immediately.

  2. Gloom and gloom works to the Left’s advantage so they continue to make up things to scare the ruck into submission. The latest is Biden’s “Dark Winter” with how bad the Wuhan Virus is going to be so turn your freedoms over to us and we will take good care of you.

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