‘Poland Recognizes Jesus Christ as King’ (2017)

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This happened in 2016; but our free & independent nooze media didn’t exactly shout it from the housetops, did they?

Poland Recognizes Jesus Christ as King

High officials of the church in Poland, with high government officials in attendance, formally consecrated their nation to Jesus Christ, proclaiming Him their sole and rightful king.

Can you imagine if someone dared to do this in America? Democrats would be levitating all over the landscape, like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Faux Catholics among our politicians (I won’t mar the sabbath by mentioning their names) would be screaming bloody murder.

But they can’t stop us from personally embracing Jesus as our one and only king and Savior. Satan has never been able to stop it–no matter how hard the worldly power-brokers try to do it for him.

6 comments on “‘Poland Recognizes Jesus Christ as King’ (2017)

  1. HALLELUIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What wonderful news! Even 3 years late!

    And today is All Saints Day. I’m sure St. John Paul is even happier.

    1. Poland had 300 years of being overrun and conquered by Prussians and Russians and assorted villains–and survived… by the grace of God and Jesus Christ.

  2. My wife and I talk about where we could live if the Left should succeed in taking over our country. We thought Poland might be the best place. They used to have legalized abortion there but now the killing of preborn innocent human beings is illegal.

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