Commie Kamala, Fake Kamala

FAKE KAMALA GOT LOOMERED! –Laura Loomer Catches Kamala Harris BODY DOUBLE at Palm Beach Polling Place! (VIDEO -PHOTOS)

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Joe Biden’s brain has rusted out, and it was never that great in the first place. But what’s Kamala Harris’ excuse?

As Election Day drew near, she sent a body double to crash a meet-the-voters event for Laura Loomer, running for Congress in Florida. The double came with a pair of phony Secret Service bodyguards, and they rented a stretch limo to bring them there. (Question: How come all these humble servants of The People always turn up in stretch limos and private jets?) “That’s not Kamala Harris!” candidate Loomer pointed out. So the fraudsters had to retreat.

Elsewhere, the real Kamala Harris was publicly endorsing something that sounds a lot like communism. For her that wouldn’t be surprising. More than just equality, she babbled, we need equitable treatment. And (to quote her), “Equitable treatment means we all wind up in the same place!”

Gee, comrade–that’s exactly what we’re afraid of: all winding up in the same place. Your friendly neighborhood gulag. Fly-blown poverty. Eating the zoo animals.

There’s a reason why this Far Left loon, now Biden’s running mate, never got more than 5% of the vote in any Democrat primary.

She’s too crazy even for them.

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