We’ll Vote a Day Early

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We want to deliver our Official Mail-In Ballots today to the Secure Drop Box at the police station.

Each ballot came with several pages’ worth of instructions, which is probably enough to put off key elements of the Democrat voter base. Maybe they’ve outsmarted themselves this time, insisting on a vote by mail instead of in person, like it’s always been done. But they wished to sacrifice this election to their idol, Great Covid–and they’re counting on voter fraud to boost them back into power.

And then we can watch them murder our country.

If you have any intention of voting for any Democrat this year, please have the decency to sit out this election.

O Lord Our God! Deliver our country, once again, out of the hands of the ungodly and the wicked. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

4 comments on “We’ll Vote a Day Early

  1. I’m going to vote in person tomorrow. I just didn’t trust the mail or the drop boxes at any of the places I could get to easily, and the Board of Elections where I could have voted in person early or dropped off a ballot was too far away in a kind of driving that’s difficult for me to the point of white knuckles on the steering wheel.

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