‘They’ll Never Learn’

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Remember, five years ago, the Democrats’ pet expert, a Dr. Gruber, bragging about how easy it was to fool the “stupid” American people into passing Obamacare? Not that the people can be blamed for corrupt tricks on Capitol Hill, except in the sense that we elected the villains in the first place. I’ve often wondered why we do that.

They’ll Never Learn

Why do we consent to be governed by fools, idiots, and rascals who rob us, abuse us, insult us, and despise us? How do you explain Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or Obama himself?

What’s wrong with us?

3 comments on “‘They’ll Never Learn’

  1. Remember the scene in Huxley’s “Brave New World” where the sleeping children have messages murmured into their ears repeatedly — “I’m so glad I’m a Beta (or Alpha, or Gamma, etc.)” — in order to implant the government’s dictates so firmly into their minds and psyches that they can’t even imagine any other reality? We’ve had something similar going on in our schools for decades: “Government is good for you. Government can and should fix all your problems. Government will take care of you. Government is all-powerful. Government is good.” Small wonder that products of this indoctrination see the government as their parent, teacher, protector, and provider rolled into one.

    Besides, look at the choices we get at each election. As the saying goes, politics is like standing water — the scum rises to the top.

  2. Many good reasons, one of which is Americans enjoy much prosperity so they leave their citizenship responsibilities to other while they live an Epicurean lifestyle. Why should we be concerned with our neighbor’s hard luck when we have a safety net gov’t system to help them out – they are not really our problem because we can’t make time for them – and it might get too personal and long term

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