Are We Going to the Supreme Court?

Supreme Court Building Usa - Free photo on Pixabay

Well, now we know why the Loving Left was so fire-breathing mad at Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for dying earlier this year.

Part One of their strategy looks like it’s succeeded: muddle the presidential election, make it impossible to tell who won. But Part Two was to bring the case before the Supreme Court and win it

there, with Chief Justice Roberts, as usual, siding with the Far Left.

But then Ginsburg died and Judge Amy Barrett took her place. Suddenly Part Two was ruined. Now if they go to the Supreme Court, they lose.

How could Ginsburg have done this to them? What a betrayal!

So they can’t go to the Supreme Court; they don’t own it anymore.

O Lord our God, confound them.

7 comments on “Are We Going to the Supreme Court?

  1. I will never stoop to the point of celebrating the death of someone, but the fact that we had a Supreme Court vacancy may save the Republic. The heart of the king is in the hand of God and He can work out His will.

    1. The same jerks who cursed Ginsburg for dying praised her for hanging on throughout Obama’s eight years. As usual they want it both ways.

  2. Of course, we’re talking about the Supreme Court that gave away half of Oklahoma and redefined the word “sex” in the Civil Rights Act — a Supreme Court that included another supposed staunch conservative (Neil Gorsuch). I hope my fears are groundless. I just feel pretty cynical today. Maybe from lack of sleep.

    Yes, yes, Lee, I know — “sing louder!” The trouble is that I can’t carry a tune. 🙂 (Seriously. It runs in the family. And yet, we’ve all loved opera.)

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