We Still Live

The Blob(s) Are Going to Get You: Comparing the Original to the Remake -  Hollywood Suite

I was praying for a wipeout of the Democrat Party, put them away once and for all, but God didn’t grant us that. Now we have to pray for survival. Because if God doesn’t intervene, The Blob wins: it will engulf our country.

But have we really done that badly?

What dirty trick was not employed against President Trump–every day for four years? What lie did our nooze media refrain from telling? How much money did villains like Soros, Bloomberg, and Red China pour into the Biden campaign? What lie was not told?

Given all that was thrown at us, all the lies, all the dirty money, all the bent cops in the FBI, all the Democrat stooges in the CIA, all the schools and colleges, all of Hollywood, all the riots, all the virus, all the Blame-It-On-Trump–with all of that dumped on us every day for four whole years, I think we’ve done rather well. Just to still be here.

The smoke has not yet cleared. We are not yet loaded onto the track to become Venezuela North. Maybe we’ve won, after all. Doesn’t look like it–but when does our nooze media ever tell the truth?

Keep praying. Don’t stop now. It may be God will hear us, and deliver us.

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  1. Yes, prayer is the greatest need. Remembering the words in Jeremiah which show that if His people will just petition Him, (in this case it was just one man) He may reverse His intent to punish. We really need His mercy now.

  2. And we’re not the only ones we need to pray for. If the Democrats really do take over, they’ll throw Israel to the wolves again, start shipping pallets of cash to Iran again, empower China against Taiwan and other Asian countries, give the green light to worldwide jihad, sign on to the Soros/Gates New World Order, and generally wreak havoc on the whole world.

  3. I hope one day I will be able to look back on this terrible time and see God’s saving hand amidst the chaos, using subtle and unexpected methods to eventually turn seemingly immovable walls to rubble before our eyes. All those little victories that have kept us alive and fighting, and helped us to truly see the extent of the evil that has compromised our country’s once solid foundation, may very well be glimpses of His will at work. But I expect even if we win in the end, there will be plenty more harsh lessons to be learned along the way. Will we actually repent and change the direction of our country? Will we turn to Him and acknowledge that we are not saved by our own might, but His? We can be just as “stiff-necked” as the Israelites of Exodus, and sometimes the only way we learn is with a 2×4 to the head. We have to nearly lose everything before we wake up and take decisive action. If this isn’t a time of inescapable judgment (and I pray it’s not), then it’s a pretty solid 2×4, and we had best take note of the lesson if we want the victory.

    1. We will never have paradise on earth until Christ’s throne is on it, too. And efforts to achieve it without Him can only do harm.

      But we can certainly do better! Yes, we can repent, and yes, we can do better. If God meant to destroy us, He wouldn’t have sent His Son to be our savior.

      We can only put our trust in Him and keep on fighting. Like David. Like the Macabees. Like King Alfred.

    2. Odd that you should mention King Alfred. All morning, lines from Book III of Chesterton’s “Ballad of the White Horse” have been running through my mind, especially the last words of the disguised King Alfred to the Danes at their campsite:

      “For our God has blessed creation,
      Calling it good. I know
      What spirit with whom you blindly band
      Has blessed destruction with his hand,
      Yet by Christ’s death the stars shall stand
      And the small apples grow.”

      I did that from memory, so I may have gotten a word or two wrong. In my benighted youth, I memorized the entire book-length poem, and I still carry fragments of it around in my head, including most of Alfred’s speech to the Danes in defense of Christianity.

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