‘How We Waste Our Faith’

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I admit it now: Tuesday I was too keyed up, and yesterday I was too depressed, to write my weekly Newswithviews column. After all, the only story in town was the election–and what could I have written that wouldn’t have been obsolete and out of date overnight?

But I thought you folks out there might want a Newswithviews column anyway, so here’s one from the last day of 2015:


Yeah, we waste our faith on unworthy objects of worship. People who think the Bible’s just a lot of silly stories believe every word they get from science fiction; and physicist Stanton Friedman says we ought to believe in UFOs because people who’ve been to college believe in that.

Win a tin-foil hat if you can think of any argument feebler than that!

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  1. It is troubling to me that people are so emotionally wrapped up in Sci Fi that it has become a pseudo faith. People have imagined that some of these stories have a life of their own. Sadly, tragically, the line between what is real and what is not becomes blurred. No wonder we have a society that is rudderless.

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