‘The Suicidal Western World’ (2015)

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Marine Le Pen… guilty of having an opinion not approved by the government

I will never understand why, after 9/11 and various attacks on Europe, the leaders of the Western world developed a mania for importing Muslims–as many as they can cram into their countries. Nor are they troubled for a moment by the resulting danger and unrest. And they punish anyone who suggested they stop doing it.

The Suicidal Western World

But then what is globalism, if not national suicide? Globalists pursue policies deliberately aimed at making nations fail. Then they can take over. I didn’t believe that five years ago, but the evidence has piled up and can’t be denied any longer.

May God have mercy on our folly–for we have let them do this.


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  1. …And if you can’t actually put the prophets, I mean thought criminals, in jail, you can always shadow-ban or otherwise censor them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc. It’s all for the good of the New World Order — or, as they’re calling it now, The Great Re-Set.

  2. One world gov’ts do not work, just like one party countries do not work. The lust for wealth and power destroys utopian ideals every time. Nothing in life is more self-evident than man is a sinner, yet what pains the sinner goes to to deny this truth. As the Reformation taught, Christ alone, Grace alone, Scripture alone.

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