Happy Birthday, Watchman!

Birthday Quokka" by lhowden | Redbubble

Holy Cow, we’re two days late for Watchman’s birthday! Most sincere apologies–it was that confounded election, big distraction: everyone here is mortified. We hate to forget the important things!

Byron the Birthday Quokka, all togged up in a hurry: belated birthday greetings, O Watchman!

*To all readers: If you’d like to see your birthday celebrated here (provided some gavone here remembers to look at the list!), just let us know when it is.

It’s not just a blog–it’s a fellowship.

14 comments on “Happy Birthday, Watchman!

  1. I think our blog is a place of encouraging other believers and also I think there are people that stumble upon it that I hope God uses to witness to them

    1. And I think it’s wonderful that we instinctively think of the blog as “our” blog rather than “a” blog or “this” blog, or even (gulp) Lee’s blog. No offense, Lee — we know how much work you put into it while we just seem to sit here and gawk — but on the contrary, what you’ve built is a real community, something larger than “just” a blog. In conversation with local friends, I even find myself referring to “my friend Lee” or “my friend Erlene” or “my friend Watchman,” or “my friend Unknowable,” etc., the last of which, I must admit, does tend to raise some eyebrows. 🙂

    2. Aww. There is a wordpress community of faith that confesses the Word of God is truth and we are a light in this dark and dying world even how we interact on here with each other

    3. It was originally set up to generate interest in my books. I had no idea how it’d turn out–better than anything I would have thought of.

      I love it when readers thing of this as “our blog.”

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