Why Conspiracies Fail

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I have a friend who’s a homicide detective in a major city. Unlike Kojak, he finds most of his murder cases fairly easy to solve.

“Y’know what it is?” he explains. “They just can’t keep their mouths shut! They have to tell somebody how smart they are, and what they got away with. Sooner or later they tell the wrong person, that person tells us, and we’ve got him.”

So who wants to go to jail for Joe Biden? The criminal caper to steal the 2020 presidential election required the efforts of perhaps thousands of people. Some of them are going to blab, once arrests start being made. It’s hard enough for three people to keep a secret. For three thousand, impossible. Even for three hundred, it’s impossible.

Of course, you could always stage your crime and then bump off all the little tools who helped you do it–bump ’em off before they have a chance to sing. That was Stalin’s method. But I think it’s now too late for the Democrats to do that. Someone might notice.

Remember–the best thing this crime has going for it is the sheer enormity of it. People can’t believe someone stole the presidential election. It boggles the mind.

But the evidence that it was done is overwhelming; and once the little birds start singing, the whole thing will collapse.

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  1. It’s interesting, because I’ve heard the same thing. The criminal always has to open their mouth. The Unabomber was captured when they published his “manifesto” and his brother recognized some unique phrases which identified him.

    Secretary Pompeo has stated that every legal vote will be counted and every illegal vote will be rejected. This is significant.

  2. Remember when Pelosi said they had “a lot more arrows in [their] quiver”? And how about when Biden himself gave that pre-victory victory speech at 11:30pm on election night, in which he told his backers to “be patient” until “all the ballots are counted,” after which counting suddenly shut down for a few hours and then, when all the poll watchers had gone home, the mysterious truckloads of hundreds of thousands of ballots marked only for Biden began to arrive?

    The trouble is that we can see the connection, but no one has yet bragged about setting it up or being part of it.

    1. Weeks before Election Day, Democrats bragged that we would see a Red Wave that would turn out to be a “Red Mirage” and then the mail-in votes for Biden would come in like a tsunami. That’s exactly what happened.
      So yes, they told us what they were going to do, and then they did it.

  3. A conspiracy is only as good as its weakest links. Once you start pulling on the threads the whole thing starts to unravel.

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