My Newswithviews Column, April 14 (‘How Much More “Sex Ed” Will People Tolerate?’)

Ten LGBTQ+ people on how queer sex ed could have helped them growing up | Dazed

Really, the time has come for Americans to answer this question. Who’s going to decide how we raise our children: parents, or a lot of weird geeks from the teachers’ union?

How Much More ‘Sex Ed’ Will People Tolerate?

Will they finally stop when every child in America has had a sex-change and been rendered sterile? Yeah, they’d have to–in another generation or so, no more people at all.

That’s why we call leftism a death cult. If you are a Democrat, you vote for a death cult

Have parents awakened in time to rescue their children from the groomers?

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 30 (‘Shut Up and Pay’)

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If you don’t want your kids being “taught” Critical Race Theory, transgender, and down with America, then you don’t want public education.

But the Democrat bagman running for governor of Virginia thinks it’s none of your doggone business, what the unionized Far Left Crazy teachers “teach” your kids.

Shut Up and Pay

How do you run for governor on this? You have to believe people want to have no say in their children’s education, that they want to be insulted, that they want their kids to be taught to hate themselves, hate other kids, hate their country… I mean, people are actually going to vote for this guy? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Does he have a reason to believe the public outrage over Critical Race Theory is just going to blow over?

Well, if he’s right about that, then the people will deserve what they get.

Governor Wannabe to Parents: ‘Shut Up and Pay’

Terry McAuliffe Draws on Bill Clinton Magic as Lead Widens at End of Va.  Race - ABC News

Does he still hear his master’s voice?

Terry “Clinton’s Bagman” McAuliffe wants to be governor of Virginia again, replacing that abortion guy, whatsisname. So he was in a debate t’other night, the subject of, um, “education” came up, and this is what he said:

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they ought to teach” (

Virginia school boards have been in hot water with parents lately for teaching racist “Critical Race Theory.”

In the real world, where there’s still some semblance of justice, if you pay for something, you own it.

But in the bizarro world of public education, you pay and pay and get no say. Just shut up and pay! And stay out of the way as we “teach” your children to hate themselves, hate each other, hate their country, and hate their families. We’ll turn ’em into progressives no matter what!

Two things have to go, if America is to survive as America.

The Democrat Party, and public education. There are at least a hundred ways of doing things better than they do them.

‘Idiot of the Year’ (2016)

Terry McAuliffe

Would you buy a used country from this man?

America loses 93 million people a day to gun violence. An idiot said so.

Idiot of the Year

Which idiot was that? Why, Terry McAwful! Sorry, that should be “McAuliffe.” One-time Clinton family bag man, former governor of Virginia, aspired to be the Democat presidential nominee for 2020 but lost out to the not-quite-sentient Joe Biden.

What is it with Democrats and numbers? Remember Biden’s plan to put “700 million women” back to work? McAwful didn’t have any trouble adding high numbers when he was schnorring for the Clintons or romancing the Chicoms. Anyhow, his presidential hopes dried up long before this year’s primaries.

Not that any of the others were any better.

Idiot of the Year

Image result for images of stupid terry mcauliffe

Obviously hoping to make himself the early front-runner in the 2020 Democrat Presidential sweepstakes, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vaulted into the lead this week with this immortal piece of wisdom:

“We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence” (


McAuliffe had no problem adding up big numbers when he was a bagman in the Clinton crime family. We are told he meant to say “93,” period; but twice it came out “93 million.” But no one asked him how many states are in the United States. The former Democrat occupier of the White House thought there might be 57. Maybe Terry-boy thinks there are thousands of them scattered throughout the galaxy. At the very least, this would make him an ideal running mate for Jerry Brown.

Let’s see… 93 million a day, seven days a week…that’s about 650 million of us per week. I don’t see how we make it through the month, let alone till next Election Day.

It is the liberals’ position that every liberal is smarter than the smartest conservative. I guess this proves it.

When they’re not trying to kill us or scare us into silence, they just dazzle us with their brilliance.

Hillary’s Running Mate

Image result for images of hillary clinton with terry mcauliffe

Is this the Democrats’ dream ticket?

Our confidential secret sources have identified the top three choices to share the Democrat ticket this year as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. One of them may become America’s vice president.

*Comedian Roseanne Barr. “Hillary likes her because she’s totally daft and so far out of the political mainstream, or any other stream for that matter, that she makes Hillary look sane by comparison,” said one of our impeccably reliable sources.

*Pope Francis I. “This could get a little tricky because he’s not a U.S. citizen,” said a source, “but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is looking for a loophole in the Constitution. Anyway, he’s the Pope and that ought to get our gal the Catholic vote. And she likes the way he declares that Donald Trump is not a Christian.”

*Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. “Two peas in a pod!” said our source. “Hillary’s under FBI investigation, and so is he.” ( ) “Hillary and Terry go way back, and he’s done some great work with the Clinton Foundation.” Particularly impressive to Mrs. Clinton, said the source, was a $120,000 donation made to McAuliffe by “a Chinese businessman.” “With Terry and Hillary both scrounging payoffs from questionable sources, it’ll be like old times in the White House,” said a knowledgeable informant. “The only thing missing will be Bill Clinton chasing interns around the Oval Office. But Hillary can appoint him to the Supreme Court to keep him out of mischief.”

So which of these three will it be? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Hillary’s Secret Weapon–the Felon Vote

I hardly know how to report this.

The governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Clinton henchman, has issued an executive order restoring voting rights to 206,000 “ex-felons” (convicted, served time in prison, and now out of prison) just in time to boost Hillary Clinton’s chances in this year’s presidential election ( ).

But wait, there’s more! The convicted robbers, rapists, and murderers will also be able to serve on juries… and hold public office. Gee, it’d be funny if it weren’t true.

The only right they don’t get back is their right to legally purchase and own guns–not that they ever paid much attention to gun laws anyway. Like, that’s how a lot of ’em wound up in jail in the first place.

Hmmm… What will politicians have to promise jailbirds, from now on, to get their vote?

So what’s next, Democrats? Full voting rights for felons who are still in prison?

I mean, what does it say about a candidate, when she needs the votes of robbers, rapists, and murderers to get elected?

Historically, Virginia has restored civic rights to ex-felons on an individual basis–which seems fair and rational to me. If some safecracker has done his time, paid his debt to society, and can demonstrate that he really and truly has gone straight, it’s not unreasonable to give him back his voting rights. At least it’s something reasonable people can debate civilly.

But this?

On top of it all, McAuliffe insults our intelligence by dressing this contemptible political ploy in glad rags of civil rights and equity. Like, dude, we was all wrong to throw this guy in jail just because he robbed a couple of liquor stores and shot somebody…

Just when you think our nation’s leaders have hit bottom, you are reminded once again that, where they are concerned, there is no bottom.

P.S.–In the interests of truth and accuracy, I must add that in 38 states and the District of Columbia, felons’ voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of a felon’s prison sentence ( ). So Virginia was exceptional in that regard.

That being said… Restoring felons’ voting rights now, on the eve of an election, for the blatantly obvious purpose of helping a particular candidate, stinks on toast.