Commie Thugs Threaten President: ‘Concede or Else’

I don’t know how much credence to give to a “report” by someone who introduces it by trying to sell you a Genuine Israeli Army Gas Mask (!)–c’mon, no home should be without one–but this is 2020 and a lot of weird schiff happens. Like, for instance, we are asked to believe–or rather, told we must believe–that the American people have honest-to-pete elected a doddering fool to be their president. Is that any easier to believe than this “report”?

Anyhow, this guy offers up some Tweets by one “Adam Rahuba” in which the “Antifa leader” warns President Donald Trump that he’d better concede the election toot-sweet or else the Democrat blackshirts will invade “conservative areas” and burn down people’s homes, etc. ( Is it so hard to believe that a Democrat would say this?

But then we are also told that Rahuba is “a performance artist” and the whole thing was a prank to fool us silly conservatives ( That isn’t especially hard to believe, either.

I’ll never understand why the government didn’t smash Antifa as soon as it first appeared. Maybe some of those crooks in the FBI and elsewhere in the Deep State were protecting them. That’s not hard to believe, either. While nobody did anything about it, the Democrat Party enjoyed several years in which to craft its new doctrine of mob rule and violence.

May God deliver us out of their ungodly hands, and give President Trump victory over all his enemies.

4 comments on “Commie Thugs Threaten President: ‘Concede or Else’

    1. They want chaos. They believe their best chance to seize power is in the midst of chaos. Plus they’re just naturally bad people.

    2. These violent agitators don’t know history…if revolution happen them being the first wave will be wiped out by a second wave more “woke” than them…

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