‘They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs’ (2017)

If liberals were as good at creating wealth as they are at destroying it, we’d all be rich.

But what they’re really good at is arranging for other people to pay the price for liberals’ insane public policies.

They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs

No sacrifice is too great for you to make for their beliefs. And best of all, if you don’t want to make that sacrifice, then you’re a Hater! And a Biggit, too! How dare you not let some Stalinist pipsqueak dictate your thinking?

Liberalism is only a nice word for predatory folly that others have to pay for.

7 comments on “‘They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs’ (2017)

  1. With Biden as president we will be paying for all sorts of items on the liberal agenda. I think the worst of the items will be tax-payer funded abortions done on babies no matter how long they’re in the womb and for any reason. The price for this will be more than just a dollar amount in taxes. Priceless human lives will be taken and I fear the Hand of Almighty God will come down harder on our nation should we go this way of taking His precious gift of children and shoving it in His Face in defiance.

    1. And don’t forget the rest of the DeLuxe Democrat Fun-Pack! Ruptured borders, daily riots, Iran with nuclear weapons, criminals running free with no fear of punishment, and transgender everywhere you look!

      And they want us to believe the American people voted for this schiff?

  2. You got it. Everything they say they stand for is turning righteousness and freedom on its head, and we are supposed to enjoy that? When they say “all lives matter”, what about all the lives disdained and murdered in abortion.

    1. No, no, no, Erlene! You can’t EVER say “ALL lives matter!” ‘Cause, see, that’s Racist! Only Black lives matter! Unless they’re aborted babies, of course. Sheesh, they’d kick you out of college in a New York minute! “All lives matter…” Do you know how many people have nearby been lynched for saying that?

  3. My message to BLM and all like-minded racists and anarchists: White Republicans in the North fought and died on the battlefield to save your from slavery in the Democratic South. How dare you bite the hands that freed you!

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