MSNBC Unloads on Thanksgiving

Who Was at the First Thanksgiving? - HISTORY

And we’re supposed to believe the American people voted for this, and more of it–eh?

MSNBC smeared the Thanksgiving holiday last weekend, calling it “Colonizer Christmas” and accusing the Pilgrims of cannibalism ( I don’t know who was the bigger ninny–the host, or the expert guest who said, “At one point Christmas was a time for rich people to open up their houses for people to come in and get stuff.”

Have you ever heard anything more crassly stupid in your life?

But of course these are liberals and liberals always hate their own country, especially if it’s America. (We voted ’em in, eh? No fraud–really?)

There was some starvation and situational cannibalism at the Jamestown Colony in Virginia, when they ran out of food during the winter. Evidence for this was not discovered until this century. But of course the motormouths on MSNBC tried to blend the Plymouth Rock and Jamestown settlements into one mass exercise of white mischief.

You can say schiff like that on TV if you and your guest are “Black” and no one would dare accuse you of racism, let alone ignorance or bald dishonesty.

They’re liberals and they want to Fundamentally Transform our country into a socialist hell-hole, they hate us, they hate our religion, they hate our culture, and they mean to sweep it all away.

And we’re supposed to have voted for that? No lie?

But of course it’s a lie. They’re Democrats.


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    1. I have seen analysis of virtually every holiday imaginable. I will use Thanksgiving as an example. Some people want to equate Thanksgiving to pagan harvest festivals. Well, both could be considered harvest festivals, but the motive of the originators of this holiday was unlikely to have had anything to do with pagan rituals. The Separatists (AKA Pilgrins) came to these shores because they wanted to come out from under the hegemony of the Church of England and didn’t want to become assimilated into the culture of the Netherlands. So they came to the New World, and it was not an easy trip, but they established the first successful colony here, and dedicated the country to the Creator. That first year was very difficult. Many people died over the course of that first year, but they succeeded with the help of the Native Americans and when they came together to celebrate, they were truly thankful.

      I don’t make the claim that those first settlers were morally perfect. History shows that they made some poor choices, but they also may some very good choices. At the very least, the Thanksgiving holiday serves as a reminder that we have much for which to be thankful. Most of us live in riches far beyond those enjoyed by the first settlers. If you are reading this in a warm home and with a full stomach, you are far better off than the residents of the Plymouth colony during that first year.

      I can’t see any harm in setting aside a day for giving thanks. Let’s all give thanks for the blessings we have.

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