MSNBC Unloads on Thanksgiving

Who Was at the First Thanksgiving? - HISTORY

And we’re supposed to believe the American people voted for this, and more of it–eh?

MSNBC smeared the Thanksgiving holiday last weekend, calling it “Colonizer Christmas” and accusing the Pilgrims of cannibalism ( I don’t know who was the bigger ninny–the host, or the expert guest who said, “At one point Christmas was a time for rich people to open up their houses for people to come in and get stuff.”

Have you ever heard anything more crassly stupid in your life?

But of course these are liberals and liberals always hate their own country, especially if it’s America. (We voted ’em in, eh? No fraud–really?)

There was some starvation and situational cannibalism at the Jamestown Colony in Virginia, when they ran out of food during the winter. Evidence for this was not discovered until this century. But of course the motormouths on MSNBC tried to blend the Plymouth Rock and Jamestown settlements into one mass exercise of white mischief.

You can say schiff like that on TV if you and your guest are “Black” and no one would dare accuse you of racism, let alone ignorance or bald dishonesty.

They’re liberals and they want to Fundamentally Transform our country into a socialist hell-hole, they hate us, they hate our religion, they hate our culture, and they mean to sweep it all away.

And we’re supposed to have voted for that? No lie?

But of course it’s a lie. They’re Democrats.


Oops! Big-Name ‘Scholar’ Caught Cheating

Historian Jon Meacham on the 2020 Presidential Election - KQED

He must be smart, he’s on TV!

What would you think if I wrote glowing reviews of my own books, without disclosing that the author and the reviewer were the same person? Of course, the name on the cover would give me away; but what if my name weren’t on the cover? What if you didn’t know I wrote the books I was reviewing?

Well, who cares what I do? But then there’s Jon Meacham–presidential historian, Pulitzer Humbug Prize winner, former editor-in-chief of Newsweek, and commentator on MSNBC–I mean, wow, what a superstar!

This weekend Meacham came on the air to praise doddering Joe Biden’s “acceptance speech”–he thinks he’s the president–without telling anyone that he, Jon Meacham, wrote the blasted thing. Ouch! That was embarrassing even for MSNBC, and it takes some doing to embarrass them. Meacham has not been fired, but he will no longer be paid for his contributions. How is that not “fired”? Beats me.

Are TV noozies ever honest? Do they ever tell the truth? Certainly not on purpose. But then the guy wasn’t going to stand in front of the camera and say, “Wasn’t that a brilliant speech by Biden? I wrote it, you know! Aren’t I the freakin’ berries?”

O Lord, bring then down in their arrogance, and destroy them in their pride!

‘It Takes a Collective to Raise Your Child’ (2013)

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Don’t you wish I were just making this up? I do!

Please don’t think these people have gone away, just because we’ve got Donald Trump in the White House.

They still want to puree our civilization.

It Takes a Collective to Raise Your Child!

One of the things Far Left Crazy has been trying to do for the last hundred years is wipe out the family and replace it with God knows what. The Soviet Union has fallen, and Red China is more fascist than communist–but American commies are still on board the program.

We are never more than one election away from them taking over for good.

Left-wing Noozie Denounces ‘Bygone Era’

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Susan called my attention to this. I hope she wasn’t trying to cheer me up.

A few weeks back, an MSNBC “journalist,” Joy Reid, whom I never heard of until now, denounced President Trump’s State of the Union speech ( “Church… family… police… military… national anthem… [these are] terms of the bygone era,” she babbled. They also denote a mind-set, she prated, that is “Anti-immigrant, backward-looking, anti-innovation, anti-progress,” blah-blah.

And they wonder why normal people can’t stand today’s nooze media.

So institutions like church and family are obsolete and “backward-looking,” and so are you for believing in them, we don’t need police or a military–oh, the things you can say when you’re as ignorant as that!–and you’re a real old fogey if you stand up for the national anthem. And you’re a racist, too. And we can only make what she calls “progress” if we do away with all these things.

Why even mention this?

Because we need to be mindful of just how warped, twisted, and depraved a lot of our national big shots really are, no matter how hard it is to believe. Because they have the media and the schools, and every day and every night, preach their anti-human message to, well, tens of millions in our schools and colleges, and I don’t care to guess how many watch their TV broadcasts. Too many, I’d say. The increasingly shabby state of our culture suggests that they’re having some success in their efforts to destroy it.

What I say unto you, I say unto all: watch.   –Mark 13:37