‘Come, Ye Thankful People, Come’

Here’s another Thanksgiving hymn which we were allowed to sing in school, and it never did us any harm. And now they want to forbid you singing hymns in church.

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come was written in 1844 by Henry Alford and has been a Thanksgiving favorite ever since. I find it deeply moving.

One thing I’m thankful for that they can’t take away from us, no matter what they do: Our God is pure and righteous, everlasting, all-powerful, all-wise–and no evil can come into His presence.

The wicked and the Godless are riding high in 2020; but their fall is guaranteed.

P.S.–If anybody has any more Thanksgiving hymns to request, the hymn shop is open!


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  1. Well, this isn’t specifically a Thanksgiving hymn, but how about “O God Our Help in Ages Past”? It certainly implies thanksgiving.

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