My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 26 (‘Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss’)

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Count your fingers after shaking hands with him!

The beautiful thing about stealing a presidential election is that once you do that, you can do anything. They’ll never be able to vote you out of office!

The governors of California and New Jersey have already taken that to heart.

Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss

Y’know all those restrictions, all those “mandates” and “orders” that they press on you? None of it applies to them! Suddenly we are back in France in 1703. When the ruling class really ruled–and all you hicks out there had better believe it.

We are living in the most shameful episode in all of American history. May God abate His just anger and deliver us out of it.

13 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 26 (‘Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss’)

  1. I just finished reading your NWV column even before reading this post, and I was thinking, “Wow, I have to get over to Lee’s blog and tell him how masterful this article is.” So now I’ve told you. 🙂 I know you’ve previously said here most of what’s in the article, but I think you’ve added a lot of punch to it in the final version — especially the part about “once you’ve stolen an election.”

    1. Thanks, Phoebe (he blushes becomingly).
      But schiff, man, now that they can Hugo Chavez any election, how do we ever get rid of them? It’s a question demanding serious thought.

    1. I haven’t seen it. Has this been happening often? Erlene thinks it’s her computer, when it happens to her comments.
      It goes without saying (but he says it anyway) that I would have liked to have seen your esponse. That’s sort of the point of writing these things.

    2. I’ll shoot for the Reader’s Digest condensed version, as best as memory allows.

      The willingness of these leaders to break their own social distancing rules certainly calls into question their belief in what they are saying. Over scrutinize any disease and you can make it look like a threat. I’m heartened that people have stood up the these people, called them out for their hypocrisy and published photos proving their point. It doesn’t surprise one bit that YouTube supports the narrative. We need to give Big Tech the bum’s rush.

      Much of the narrative is collapsing. From many quarters, I have heard that people are not willing to accept the imposition of another lockdown. When I went grocery shopping on Tuesday, once shoppers were out of sight of the checkout lines, most of them took off their masks. There seems to be a fairly general rejection of the notion of lockdowns and social distancing. They are claiming many new cases of this disease, but I have not been hearing reports of many deaths from this alleged new spike in cases.

      Even on the election front, it appears that the vendor of the voting machines in question had pulled up stakes, at least in the US. If it can be demonstrated that these have been used to alter results, the ramifications are global in scope. People, earthwide, will want answers to serious questions regarding elections in their own locales. This could have huge ramifications. I don’t claim to know how all of this might play out, but I think that it will prove to be very interesting. I pray for peace, stability and freedom.

    3. I suspect that they will. This is no trivial matter and the law abiding citizens of this country expect justice and legality to be observed. Tactics which might have tipped close elections leave a lot of bread crumbs if the election isn’t all that close.

    4. We’ll see what happens. There appear to be quite a number of people whom have reported irregularities in various places. Time will tell, but I think that it will become obvious, just what has happened.

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