All Hail King Covid!

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We had to go out yesterday, so we turned on the car radio and listened to what they still insist on calling “the news.”

Except for periodic weather reports, the nooze was all COVID, all the time. Second wave! Third wave! We’re all gonna die! More lockdowns? More mandates! Oh, yeah, definitely more mandates! Kiss 2021 goodbye!

This is how they hope to distract us from trying to do something about them stealing the election. The Left has put all its chips on the table for this caper: if they can’t make this crooked election stick, they lose everything. And so do their little playmates in the nooze media.

So they’ve got to keep us scared. Exaggerate the death toll, scare us with impending lockdowns–and next thing we know, Dozy Joe Biden’s been in office half a year. We didn’t even notice! We were all hiding under our beds–‘Cause King Covid gonna getcha!

The COVID panic–even if the disease is real, the scare was manufactured–was a very big part of Democrat strategy this year. To make their crime put down roots and grow, they need us to stay scared. The noozies understand that: hence the non-stop flood of COVID scare stories.

Politics + Science = Politics

Remember that equation. It explains a lot.

14 comments on “All Hail King Covid!

  1. It just gets tiresome. The only thing scary about this whole game is that so many people are willing to playl
    They do not scare me at all, but they certainly do annoy me big time.

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