Hello? Help?

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I am stumped. I have to write a Newswithviews column today and I’m stumped.

Liberty and the Constitution are melting away before our eyes. No more checks and balances: Far Left Crazy has the whole government sewed up. Every institution which we trusted in has failed us, if not actively betrayed us. In the end, Donald Trump stood alone against a deeply corrupted, anti-American ruling class. Once they finish getting him out of the way, they’ll be coming for the rest of us.

What do we do? There are 75 million of us. There must be something we can do to protect ourselves and our country.

We don’t know what to do. And events are moving so swiftly, the Big Lie is like a freakin’ tidal wave, we are buffeted from one side to another, that we can hardly think straight.

Ideas, anyone? I’ve got to write the column this afternoon. Suggestions, anyone?

Hang on, pray, and wait for God to do His stuff.

That’s as far as I’ve got so far.

What’s with the Attorney General? Has He or Hasn’t He?

AG Barr says "I think spying did occur" against Trump campaign

He says he didn’t say it.

I admit I was angered yesterday by the Associated Press report that bore this headline, “Disputing Trump, Barr says no widespread election fraud.” But then I’d been wondering for months why Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Dept. hadn’t been able to indict a single bad guy in connection with the Russia Hoax & Fake Impeachment, and I was finding it hard to trust him.

But now the DOJ is saying the AP “twisted” Barr’s remarks and “incorrectly reported” the news (https://www.zerohedge.com/political/barr-comments-twisted-ap-doj-says-not-done-probing-election-fraud). Which is to say, the AP made it up.

There has been no “affirmative finding of no fraud,” said the Justice Dept., and its investigations are continuing.

Albeit at a glacial pace.

Meanwhile, investigations by Rudy Giuliani, Ed Lin, Sidney Powell, and others have turned up overwhelming evidence of widespread election fraud–and that’s putting it mildly. Democrats used every dirty trick in the book–and it’s a thick book–to steal the 2020 presidential election.

It’s gotten to the point where our bull-schiff news media never tells the truth: never. Every word they speak has only one purpose–to help the Democrat Party. They don’t care if they kill our republic. I think they’d rather enjoy doing that.

Oh Lord our God–grant that we see some serious payback time.

All Hail King Covid!

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We had to go out yesterday, so we turned on the car radio and listened to what they still insist on calling “the news.”

Except for periodic weather reports, the nooze was all COVID, all the time. Second wave! Third wave! We’re all gonna die! More lockdowns? More mandates! Oh, yeah, definitely more mandates! Kiss 2021 goodbye!

This is how they hope to distract us from trying to do something about them stealing the election. The Left has put all its chips on the table for this caper: if they can’t make this crooked election stick, they lose everything. And so do their little playmates in the nooze media.

So they’ve got to keep us scared. Exaggerate the death toll, scare us with impending lockdowns–and next thing we know, Dozy Joe Biden’s been in office half a year. We didn’t even notice! We were all hiding under our beds–‘Cause King Covid gonna getcha!

The COVID panic–even if the disease is real, the scare was manufactured–was a very big part of Democrat strategy this year. To make their crime put down roots and grow, they need us to stay scared. The noozies understand that: hence the non-stop flood of COVID scare stories.

Politics + Science = Politics

Remember that equation. It explains a lot.

‘Nope, Nothin’ Wrong Here’ in Detroit Vote Count

Worse than war: My night besieged by looters and thugs in NYC

Are you ready to be ruled by fear? Have you got a gag handy, in case you might say something that’ll bring Antifa to your doorstep?

Welcome to the Age of Biden!

Last night the Wayne County, Michigan, board of canvassers refused to certify the 2020 election. Why? Because it was full of funny numbers that just didn’t add up.

It didn’t take long for the Loving Left to flood the social media with threats against the two Republican board members. They put the fear in them. And then, behold, the live-stream video conked out! And when it got working again–why, look! The vote got turned around! They changed their minds! (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/11/17/wayne-county-reverses-decision-certifies-disputed-election-results-as-video-goes-dark/)

Yep–all the trolls on the social media had to do was drop the R-word, “Millions of people will know you’re racists!” ’cause any opposition to them at all is Racism–that’s all it took. Black Lives Matter thugs busting down your door. Welcome to the Age of Biden.

Are we ready for America to become a Third World basket case? Are we really to be fundamentally transformed into what we call a shit-hole country?

Pray the Lord will cut them down.