Now the Beatings Begin

A lot of people had to do a lot of illegal things to steal the 2020 election for Joe “For Sale” Biden; and a lot of people saw them do it and are willing to say so under oath.

So the Democrats have to find ways to silence them. A savage beating will often do the trick.

Sidney Powell: Witness in Hospital After Beating

Gee, in New York they actually give the bad guys the names of the witnesses against them–and presto, voila, the witness… well, dies. Somehow. This may be why the patriots trying to save our republic are a bit reluctant to release the names of some of the witnesses they’ve found.

We don’t listen to claims that this particular witness is in the hospital because the COVID-19 virus beat him up.

Please, bear this in mind: If they get away with this, stealing the election, they will do it again and again, getting more skillful at it each time, and the people will never, ever, again be able to vote them out of office.

Democrats have leveled an existential threat at the very heart of America.

3 comments on “Now the Beatings Begin

  1. The Clintons used to be good at this sort of thing, except most of their witnesses wound up in the morgue rather than the hospital.

    Civilization was nice while it lasted….

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