A New Age of Predatory Politics

How Artificial Intelligence is Applied in Smart Cities

Venezuela’s gift to the world is a new political theory: The consent of the governed is no longer necessary. It was in Venezuela that the computers and software and crooked voting machines were developed to guarantee that dictator Hugo Chavez would never again lose an election.

Now we know the system works because it’s been used against us, right here in the USA–the very home of “government by the consent of the governed.” Now the various Chavez wannabes can use technology to manufacture a fake consent–thus rendering real consent totally irrelevant.

If the theft of America’s 2020 presidential election is allowed to stand, the same system will be installed all over the world–and freedom will disappear. Governments, backed up by phony votes generated by technology, will do anything and everything they please and no one will ever be able to vote them out of office. Because the lawful votes of real people will have no value anymore.

Why seek consent, when you can manufacture it? Yes, globalists are sure that manufactured consent is the way to go from now on. If you can do it to America, you can do it to anyone.

And they’ll only get better and better at it with practice.

This is why the 2020 presidential election must be overturned.

It’s not just America’s future that’s at stake, but the world’s.

Whoever loses this fight loses everything.

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  1. Lord, hinder all the shady powers behind the scene, expose them and let it be clear to all what wicked schemes are being done. Help us as your people see the truth. In Jesus name we pray, Amen

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