O Christmas Tree!

We have a real Christmas tree every year. It’s a tradition. For both of us here, it brings back Christmas memories going all the way back to early childhood. And some of our ornaments, handed down by grandparents, are older than that.

But in recent years, most people have gone for artificial trees.

Until this year.

This year the word is that the demand for real trees is higher than it’s been for years (https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2020/11/27/christmas-tree-more-americans-flocking-to-fresh-cut-evergreens). In fact, sales reached a new high even before Thanksgiving.

They’re trying to chalk this up to King COVID somehow, but I think the truth is more profound than that. And simpler.

This year, more than other years, we need Christmas. We need the family and the Christmas tree, and we need it all to be real, we need the carols; and above all, we need our Savior, Jesus Christ. We’ve been trying to get buy on fake stuff longer than is good for us. Our souls are starving. We need Christ to be born in us, in our hearts.

We don’t need any more fake nooze, fake elections, fake celebrities, fake science, phony world leaders–we’ve had enough, and we’re choking on it.

We need the Baby in the Manger–and His Father, the God who has blessed everything that is wholesome, sane, and decent.

2 comments on “O Christmas Tree!

  1. The Almighty Fauci has already decreed that we can’t have Christmas this year. The Almighty Fauci needs to read Psalm 2.

    1. Has this doofus ever been right about anything?
      Today he’s saying we “might” maybe perhaps return to normal by the summer of 2021. And by the time we get there, he’ll have said 2022.
      A lot of these Experts need to be fired.

      “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?” Psalm 2:1

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