Brits Warned: Masks, Etc., ‘For Years to Come’

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The crocodiles come later

As if by magic, more of our freedom vanishes by the day. Check out the latest from Britain.

There, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer sez King Virus “will never be eradicated” and people may have to wear face masks and observe “social distancing” (oh, please) “for many years” ( See how they keep moving the goalposts? Now it’s “years.”

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked him, the Expert clarified that “for many years” might possibly not really mean “forever.” Not actually forever. Forever comes later.

Meanwhile they’re re-opening the schools but segregating the pupils into “bubbles”–can we give out a prize for that euphemism?–so they can all wear masks and yatta-yatta, but the whole “bubble” gets sent home if two or more kids in it show signs of catching COVID.

Oh! And get this. If your child is absent from the almighty School and you didn’t first say “May I?”, they’re going to fine you. Ah, well–at least they don’t toss you into a pool full of starving crocodiles. Yet. The crocs come later.

6 comments on “Brits Warned: Masks, Etc., ‘For Years to Come’

  1. The crocodiles might be preferable. At least they’re quicker. (Just being snarky. Actually, the crocs would be easier than government overlords to get rid of.) (Oops, being snarky again.)

    There comes a point when enough brave people must get together and lead the not-so-brave people in standing up and saying “NO!”

  2. This is so insane!!

    Our province went into “code red” for a month, locked down until Dec. 11. Now we are at “code red: critical”, and our premier is talking about “cancelling” Christmas and New Years, and repeatedly hinting that the lock down will continue. Not that I was expecting the lock down to be lifted.

    Yet, when looking at the data we have a *total* death rate attributed to Covid of .026% of our province’s population and *total* “case” (read: PCR positive) rate of 1.32%. The new cases are .027%, and new deaths are at .0008% Stats Canada has an interactive site showing death rates for all of Canada since 2014, where you can look more closely at age groups, gender and province or territory. Most of Canada never saw a spike in the spring. It’s basically just been in Ontario and Quebec. Almost all of Canada saw an astounding *drop* of deaths in September. But they keep counting “cases” and panicking as if no one ever got sick or died until this strain of virus showed up, and people who only know what the media and politicians tell them are practically begging for totalitarianism, more rigid lock downs, more masking (heaven help you if you can’t wear a mask!) and more penalties.

    It just blows me away.

    1. This is why Jane Fonda called the virus a “godsend” (3rd Commandment violation). They were eager to use it against us. God help this fallen world.

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