Where Are the Biden Rallies?

Trump Cheers on MAGA Caravan Targeting Biden Campaign Bus | Vanity Fair

Every day, all over the country, we see rallies, whistle stops, and car caravans for the real and lawful president, Donald Trump–for whom some 75 million of us voted, a month ago.

But we are asked to believe that sorry, 75 million’s not enough, Doddering Joe had 80 million (or 90, or 100, etc.), so we should just shut up.

But we’re not shutting up. We’re not letting Democrats get away with this, the biggest scam in history.

Question! You rodents say you got 80 million votes. Well, where are they? We haven’t seen any Biden rallies–we don’t count riots–and we don’t hear a peep out of you. Where’s the 80 million? Where’s the massive show of support for the Far Left wacko tag team? Why aren’t we seeing Biden’s supporters turn out in their multitudes?

Answer: Because they don’t exist! That’s what election fraud and Manufactured Consent are all about! And this time you can’t get away with having George Soros hire a mob of professional traveling protesters.

There are no 80 million Biden voters, and there never were.

This travesty, this perverted monstrosity of an election, must not be permitted to stand. We must not allow a phony consent of the governed to be cranked out of a computer.

Whatever it takes to put a stop to it, that’s what we have to do. You don’t get to steal the United States. You don’t get to smother our republic while it sleeps.

You have to lose.

2 comments on “Where Are the Biden Rallies?

  1. Well, in all fairness, there was a sort of celebratory rally in DC and a couple of other places near DC when the Complicit Media declared Basement Joe a winner. But barely in the hundreds rather than Trump’s tens of thousands, and nothing before that or since. Maybe the Biden voters are all self-quarantining in their basements and holding virtual rallies over Zoom in 80 million basements around the country. But somehow I doubt it.

    Don’t worry, though. If the Democrats and their One World masters get away with this fraud, there will most likely be many rallies in the future — like the ones in North Korea, where if you don’t turn out and show the proper amount of the proper emotion for the prescribed amount of time you wind up dead or in a torture cell.

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