Texas Sues States That Illegally Changed Their Election Laws

Happy 181st Birthday to the Texas Flag

Texas to the rescue!

Here’s a story our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media Inc. won’t be shouting from the housetops.

The state of Texas has sued Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia for illegally changing their election laws–which “debased the votes of citizens” in states that didn’t break the law (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/12/07/texas-sues-georgia-michigan-pennsylvania-and-wisconsin-at-supreme-court-election-rules/). The suit is intended to go directly to the Supreme Court, because there is a constitutional issue involved.

By law, only state legislatures have the authority to change election laws–not courts, not governors, not secretaries of state.

Those four states, says the Texas suit, “flooded their citizenry with tens of millions of ballot applications and ballots,” ignoring–and in effect changing–the laws governing absentee and mail-in voting.

This suit is not difficult to understand! “Hey–you guys watered down our state’s votes by cheating! You have thus disenfranchised us.”

The Supreme Court does not have to take the case, but they’d better: because the four states in question violated the Constitution by illegally changing their election laws. If the court doesn’t hear the case, then the fraudsters will get away with it and it’ll happen again and again.

Note: Shortly before the election, our governor here in New Jersey issued an executive order for mail-in voting. The Trump campaign sued. Before the suit could be heard, the New Jersey legislature quickly passed a law doing exactly what the governor wished to do. That pulled the teeth of the lawsuit–but the legislature would not have passed that law unless they realized that, legally, they had to.

But the legislatures in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia did no such thing. The changes imposed on the election laws by governors, judges, and secretaries of state were therefor illegal.

And those changes were made for only one purpose–to swing the election in those states to Biden, because Democrats cannot win unless they cheat. If they actually follow the Constitution, they get nowhere.

This suit must be heard, and this travesty of an election overturned.

17 comments on “Texas Sues States That Illegally Changed Their Election Laws

    1. Not acting upon this suit, will leave a constitutional fracture, which means the US constitution is no longer in effect as a contract among the several states. If one state does not abide by the constitution, then no states are required to abide by the constitution.

      The 18 states currently involved, make up a major portion of the mid United States, If they add Wyoming, and Idaho and Kentucky then that pact will be nearly 1/2 of the whole of the states. They would then hold the power to convene a Constitutional Convention, which could eliminate the constitution and those states allied with it.

      The majority of the people of the state of Georgia would ally with Texas (only Fultion, Dekalb, and Gwinnette would stand against the remainder of Georgia). That lot represents less than 20% of the overall state voters.

      Most of the voters in North Carolina would join with Texas, as would New Mexico, Nevada, and Ohio. bringing the total to 26 states (a Majority). There is a good chance the people of Michigan and Wisconsin could join in as well.

      This would leave an extreme pocket in the North East of very tiny, low population states, and an extreme pocket on the West coast. Those states could be divorced from the other states, and left to fend for themselves. it would be my assumption that the people of Colorado, Minnesota, and Iowa would all want to join the Union once they knew there was a good chance they would be left out in the cold.

      In the end I would expect to observe a line from Pennsylvania Northward and California Northward as the states which would no longer be a part of the United States. A total of 14 states would therefore be excluded. These states could be replaced with current countries in the Caribbean

    2. I expect the states to kick this problem upstairs to the House of Representatives.
      One thing we can be sure of–just now, until dramatic remedial measures can be taken, it’d be unwise to hold a vote on it.

  1. I hope this suit is heard and I’ll be praying. We all are getting tired of this but we all want to see the right thing done.

  2. I’m starting to have nightmares about voter fraud. Seriously.
    We had a nice republic while it lasted. 🙁

  3. More states are joining in the suit. This is going to be very interesting regardless of the legal outcome.

    1. It’s such a simple question: Did those four states break the election laws, or not? And it’s blindingly obvious that they did.

  4. Ok so they clearly broke the election laws in not having their state house of representatives change the election laws. This was raised as an objection for Pennsylvania during the electoral college reviews/acceptance and stated clearly and eloquently that the election law had been broken in this way in this state. What were the consequences it seems to have had no bearing on whether the elections were deemed valid and the electoral college votes accepted????

    1. As always when Democrats break the law, there are no consequences. Laws are for us, not them. They have made our elections worthless.

  5. It’s occurred to me often during all of this that Americans have been trained all year to accept lawlessness as normal. For example, note the clearly unconstitutional, continuing, arbitrary, and inconsistent “covid” restrictions that don’t even affect the spread of the virus; the cheering on by civic authorities and the media of riots, looting, arson, assault, and even murder by leftist mobs; and finally all the evidence of manufactured fake ballots, discarded valid ballots, multiple readings of ballots, refusal to admit poll watchers, synchronized counting shutdowns followed by equally synchronized delivery of truckloads or cartons full of new ballots afterward when the poll watchers have gone home, and all the rest of the cheating. Ho hum. Chaos and confusion, legal and otherwise, have been going on all year, and it’s too exhausting to try to sort through it all, let alone do anything about it. As Orwell’s “1984” predicted:

    War Is Peace.
    Freedom Is Slavery.
    Ignorance Is Strength.

    I’m a Vietnam veteran. I fought for this Nation. People I knew died fighting for this Nation. I tell myself, “It can’t be over now, after all the blood shed for it.” And then I remember my dissertation director’s words: “Phoebe, you’re a Classicist. You know how quickly a civilization can collapse.”

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