‘The Threat of Male Masculinity’ (2017)

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What kind of world will it be, once left-wing drivelmeisters succeed in erasing every last vestige of male-ness?

The Threat of Male Masculinity

Oh! And don’t forget–the nooze media tell us we just voted for four years of this schiff! At least 80 million of us. We just can’t get enough of it, can we?

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  1. This is so amazingly disgusting, it is like we are living in fantasy land. I have seen real pictures of real individuals dressed in womens’ spike heel shoes, skirts (above the knee) and ruffly shirts. When I was young, males were so proud of their maleness, they would have killed anyone who did such a thing. This is another sick symptom of a fallen world.

    1. Ever see “I, Claudius”?
      Tiberius to Livia: “Just once, I wish you would behave like a normal woman!”
      Livia to Tiberius: “Maybe if I had some normal men around me, I would!”

  2. I have also noticed a distinct lack of masculinity among many men of the younger generation. This is not a good thing.

    Recently. I read a book about Great Lakes shipping, and the men that sail these inland seas. They face harsh weather, massive waves and sometimes unpredictable weather. There are tales of men staying at their posts in bitter cold, when the integrity of the Pilot House had been breached, but they stuck with it, in order to preserve their vessels and the lives of everyone onboard. Pardon my skepticism, but I don’t see many men like this in the current crop of young men. What I see, is men stripped of any initiative, whose highest priority is in not giving offense to anyone. Civilization needs masculinity.

    1. Ooohhh! You said “ravages”. That’s a hate-word that violates my personal emotional space. I need to put on my jammies and drink a cocoa made with Ghiradelli chocolate. Where’s my Play-Doh?!?! 🙂

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