‘Afflict the Comfortable’ (Liberal Hypocrisy)

One way to debate a liberal

You can’t go on forever without hearing some liberal prattle that his aim in life, or the government’s reason for existing, blah-blah, is “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” This ancient bromide may have been coined by newspaper columnist Finlay Peter Dunn in 1914. Then again, maybe it wasn’t. All we can say for sure is, it’s old.

But when a liberal discovers it, his face lights up. “Aha!” he exults. “That’s what I do! That’s what makes me such a fine fellow!”

But how do liberals “comfort the afflicted”? Only by giving them enough of other people’s money to keep them poor and needy. They set up towering bureaucracies to do it, and most of the money goes to keep the tower high.

Ah! But it’s that second bit that really makes ’em shine: “afflict the comfortable.” They throw themselves into this.

See, there’s this leftid notion that if someone is “comfortable,” he only got to be there by unfairly exploiting The Poor And Other Cherished Minorities, so he deserves to be afflicted. For some reason there’s this colossal difference between some small business owner who can finally afford to buy a nice car after years of belt-tightening, and a millionaire New York Times columnist with a palace and two custom in-ground swimming pools. The small business owner deserves to be raped by the government, and all the millionaire media guy has to do is praise the government for its commitment to Social Justice.

Oh, they are just wizzes at afflicting the comfortable! And somehow the comfortable is never them. And we see Barack Obama buy a zillion-dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard just a few yards above the high tide line–so much for rising sea levels! But as always, no restriction, no penalty that they apply to others applies to them.

Did I mention that they also steal elections? That’s how they can afflict 75 million people at once. Very satisfying.

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  1. You’ve nailed it once again. And it occurs to me that Joe’s collidge might have an Affliction Studies major as well as a Nothing Studies major.

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