‘Scientific Ninnies’ (2017)

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Kowabunga! It’s the stairway to socialism!

Betcha didn’t know it’s capitalism that wrecks civilizations! If only they’d had the good sense to practice socialism–like Venezuela or North Korea–they wouldn’t have wound up like this.

Scientific Ninnies

Surely someone must have practiced socialism, somewhere, in history. And because socialism is not capitalism, that ancient socialist civilization should still be in business today–and by far the most properous country in the world.

Honk when you find it.

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  1. Socialism HAS been successfully practiced for CENTURIES. Where? In monastic communities. In such religious communities all things are held in common, all work for the general good in the service of God. As well, there are non-Christian monasteries as we all know, Buddhist, Shinto, Taoist etc., but the concept is the same. The member puts all of his or her efforts into achieving a relationship with “God/god” and rejects all worldly pomp and riches.

    BUT, we must remember, that those IN these communities do so WILLINGLY. They are not forced to do so and they abide by their “socialist” way of life because they are serving that which they worship. Without this VOLUNTARY participation, socialism simply cannot work and it is past foolish to attempt to force upon mankind a way of life that is definitely limited to those who choose it.

    1. Give the monasteries populations in the millions instead of hundreds, many of whom will be shirkers and criminals, and saddle them with a bunch of corruptocrats to run the show, and you’ll have what passes for socialism outside the monasteries.

      Capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than even the monks’ charity could do.

    2. Giving oneself voluntarily to such a thing is just fine, but these are the outliers of civilization. As a percentage of the population, monastics are virtually zero. Some people join kibbutz farms in israel and voluntarily live in a collective society, but this is a choice made voluntarily and can be reversed at will.

      As a national economic system, such systems tend not to be successful.

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