Losing Heart

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I’ve been hearing from people, privately, who are too distraught to comment here, in public.

Their burden is: we’re licked, our country is over, our republic is lost, they stole the election and now they’ll do anything and everything they please to turn America into a third-world basket case.

But we do have public comments to that effect, too.

So what’s the story? Is America really over? We are asked to believe that 80 million of us voted to put a corrupt, senile old monkey in the White House. Who believes that? We’re asked to believe that 80 million of us voted to endorse riots, flood the country with illegal aliens, raise taxes, arm Iran with nuclear weapons, stage a perpetual face mask jihad, and take our marching orders from the Chinese Communist Party. Who believes that?

And the persons to whom we would normally turn for succor, the institutions in which we have for so long put our trust, they stop their ears against us and blindfold themselves against the mountains-high collection of evidence proving that the election was a fraud. The Supreme Court doesn’t want to hear it. The three, uh, “justices” we fought for, they are deaf to us. They don’t want to overturn a fraudulent election because “then there’ll be riots.” The hand that rocks the riot rules the world.

What are we supposed to do? “Oh, well, that’s that, that’s how things are, freedom was nice while it lasted, poverty and intimidation, that’s the new normal, just grin and bear it…”

Is this the same nation that wouldn’t let King George have a stamp tax?

The Democrat Party who did this to us, who perverted our election, is an enemy blinded by hubris. At the moment what they have going for them is shock and awe: no crime like this has ever been committed against us before.

We have to shake off all that shock and awe. Imagine you’re giving a house party and some guest, without warning, suddenly shouts a curse at the top of his lungs and smashes your lamp to the floor. For some moments everybody’s going to stand there staring at him. But eventually the people will rally and either chuck him out of there or call the police to take him away.

So, no, we don’t just say “that’s how things are” and let the monkey be inaugurated. We need to voice our displeasure. We need to scare these people. We need to recapture the American spirit that Admiral Yamamoto feared after he launched the attack on Pearl Harbor, and said, “We have wakened a slumbering giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

We want our republic back.

Shake off the cobwebs and get to work.

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  1. What can a 79-year-old woman with no family or political connections do? (Other than pray, of course.) That’s a serious question. I find myself with no answer.

    As I said in a previous post and will now repeat in ALL caps, “WHERE ARE THE MEN??”

  2. Another good post that is NewsWithViews material. I am not losing heart. I am waiting on the miracle Jesus is to perform before our very eyes in a way that will reveal it was He, and He only who gets the glory. If you don’t believe Jesus is angry about the stolen election then you are spiritually asleep. Keep the faith, and as Lee says, act on that faith. We are all influencers, that is what it mean to be the light to the world.

  3. As I see it, the biggest problem right now is finding the datum point. I’ve visited any number of alternative news sites and the array of information I read is baffling. Not that long ago, I’d turn on the news and be able to believe that what was stated as news was based in fact; now I’m not certain of anything. The creation of new forms to communicate has had a huge effect upon the credibility of any information. Even statements from government officials can be unreliable, at times. Essentially, all order has been broken up. I can see paths to move things in a direction which restores order, but I have no idea if these will, or even can, be implemented.

    1. We already know our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. do nothing but lie, totally in the bag for Democrats. But the Internet’s a wild and woolly place, there’s no quality control, and it’s very hard to decide which “alternative news sources” are worthy of belief. I’m not impressed by their overall standards. Some of them just make it up as they go along; and some just repeat some loose talk that they’ve heard.

      How do I decide what to believe? Mostly by whether it squares with history, human nature, common sense, and observable likelihood.

    2. The level of confusion is beyond imagination, and that’s a big part of what I find concerning. In WW I or WW II, it was easy to know where people stood; they wore uniforms. I have heard that even within the White House staff, there are traitors … but I don’t know if that is true, or not. Confusion is a formidable enemy. I’ve heard reports of prominent politicians having been arrested, but these are certainly unverified. Honestly, there are few people whose word I would take at face value, these days.

      It is said that Sidney Powell has released a huge report which proves foreign interference. I haven’t read it yet, and to be honest, I’m not in the mood, at the moment. I think that all I, or anyone else can do, is to pray and wait to see how it all unfolds.

  4. This Canadian is still praying the fraudulent results will be overturned, and Trump will prevail. If not, I fear it would take an insurrection. We have our own PM elected through fraud, but unfortunately, we have no legal process to follow to deal with it, and our electoral system is completely weighted to benefit the Eastern provinces, and they are quite happy with having a corrupt PM that gives them whatever they want. For us, it will probably take the country breaking apart to finally escape the corruption. I have always loved my country, and never dreamed I would become a separatist. As it stands now, a constitution for the Republic of Western Canada is being worked on, modeled on the US constitution.

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