One of My Nightmares

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I had a swell time in my dreams last night.

I dreamed the government handed down a whole bunch of regulations governing the writing of fiction–what you could write, what you couldn’t write, and what you’d better write if you know what’s good for you. And they sent goons around to make sure everybody was doing what they’re told.

I wasn’t caught up in the first wave of regulations, all of which had to do with how sex was portrayed in fiction from now on. But I could see which way the wind was blowing, and was alarmed enough to try to argue with the goon who lurched into my neighborhood. Luckily he just ignored me.

If you think it’s beyond possibility that a government would actually tell novelists and storytellers what to put in their stories, and what to leave out… well, you just haven’t been paying attention. The UK is way ahead of us on this, but there are more than a few leftids over here who will work hard to catch up to them. Which government will lead the world in censorship? Tune in today to see who’s leading!

Remember: once you demonstrate that you can steal a national election, public support is something you don’t need anymore.

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    1. Me, too–but again, there are at least 75 million of us. We ought to be able to make that work for us. Democrats have nothing going for them but lies and crime.

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  1. How about the nightmare that is happening now to many Americans – it is called covid-tracing. It is found out by the GPS on your cell phone that you were in contact with someone who was in contact with someone an infinitum that has tested for covid so you are forced to be tested. If it is positive, then you and your household are quarantined for 14 days. Good luck with that nightmare. I think most people would rather get the flu and be done with it.

    1. And now Cuomo and his fellow-Stalinists in New York are trying to pass a bill allowing them to arrest and “detain” anyone who refuses the vaccine, on the grounds that they’re endangering public health as well as they’re own. Note that this is being framed not as a punishment (unconstitutional) but as treatment for an illness. Shades of the Soviet Union.

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