They Treat Us Like Toddlers

Photos of grown men acting like babies in 90s England | Dazed

So who wants to grow up?

This is how socialized medicine works: once the government grabs, or is given, responsibility for your health, they can tell you what you can eat and what you can’t. Compulsory calisthenics is just around the corner.

As part of his “pledge” to “reduce levels of excess weight,” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson–they call him a Conservative, LOL–has announced a government jihad against obesity, which will begin in April of 2022 with a ban on supermarkets selling “unhealthy food and drinks” at checkouts (, where impulse buying is perceived as a threat to public health.

England classifies 63% of adults as “overweight.” Suddenly that’s become the government’s business.

Magna Carta–hot dog. Can we still say that if they abolish hot dogs?

The world’s liberals, the globalists, will be satisfied with nothing less than total control over other people’s lives. That’s what makes them tick.

Donald Trump was in the way, so they stole the election. Had to take him out.

What is the point of adulthood, if it’s going to be no different than childhood? Mommy and Daddy used to tell you what to eat. Now the government will.

The only freedoms they mean for us to keep are “rights” to fornicate, kill unwanted babies, and take drugs.

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  1. How asinine. They must have the news “reporters” trained already. Notice those silly childlike voices they speak the words with- trying to sound so excited, speaking so fast I couldn’t hear them even if I wanted to. They all sound like chipmunks (the cartoon variety). I can’t stomach much of that crapola.

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