Face Mask Fascists

The Revolt Against Our Eloi Elite | The American Conservative

Let’s all be good, obedient little Eloi, shall we?

In the supermarket this morning, an employee in the meat department demanded that I wear my face mask higher, to cover my nose. He pantomimed it, too, in case I didn’t understand.

Surely I can’t be the only one who’s getting sick and tired of “By Order of the Governor” and all this face mask horse-schiff. Especially when there are reputable, credentialed medical scientists who say it does no good.

But if you ain’t wearin’ the mask, you ain’t buyin’ food.

I’m finding it increasingly hard to believe that a bunch of globalists didn’t unleash King Virus on us to whip us into obedience. “The people must obey the government!” Sheesh! Remember when this gaggle of officials were known as “public servants”? That’s a laugh.

But once you know how to steal elections, you don’t need public approval anymore. Just do whatever you please, and the voting machines will spit out a manufactured consent.

Our relationship with government has gotten rather cockeyed, don’t you think?

6 comments on “Face Mask Fascists

  1. Most civilizations eventually descend into tyranny. Those of us who grew up in America just thought it would never happen in our lifetime.

  2. I don’t wear a mask when I go to the Mall, Walmart, stores or eating places. I carry a mask in my hand in case I am approached by someone in authority but it has never happened. Yet, I was sent a video today of a lady at the Galleria Mall in Dallas being arrested for wearing he mask below her nose.

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