Cuomo: Drug Addicts a ‘Priority’ for Vaccine

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He’d’ve made a great silent movie villain.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo–who caused thousands of nursing home patients to die when he insisted on housing COVID-19 patients in the nursing homes–has come out with another idea guaranteed to raise a stink.

The governor, who once said “America was never that great,” wants to give the COVID vaccine to drug addicts ahead of home-bound senior citizens, some of whom have been cooped up for the better part of a year (

In fairness to Cuomo, who is never fair, he was talking about drug addicts undergoing treatment for their addiction at treatment centers which tend to be crowded, increasing the risk of a COVID outbreak. We would like to think Cuomo is being compassionate. We would also like to think that beer reverses aging.

New York is expecting to receive 260,000 doses of the new vaccines and has to decide who gets it first. It seems recovering drug addicts are high on the list.

We can hardly wait until Cuomo jumps convicted felons ahead of the elderly. You know he’s going to do it. Showing favor to criminals is deeply ingrained in Democrat DNA.

5 comments on “Cuomo: Drug Addicts a ‘Priority’ for Vaccine

  1. Well, I am not in his jurisdiction, but also, I do not wish to receive their meds, either. God is the one who evaluates the worthiness or unworthiness of humans, not this joker.

  2. Actually, considering what I’ve been reading about how the vaccines work and the kinds of side effects even young and resilient recipients have been dealing with, he may be doing the seniors a favor by not giving them the vaccine.

    I’ve been saying all along that these “vaccines” are a distraction from the need for TREATMENTS of the disease. Almost every proposed treatment, no matter how successful in extensive trials — and, in the case of hydroxychloroquine, despite decades of safe and successful use against malaria and other conditions — has been brushed aside or even banned. What’s even worse is that the people promoting these “vaccines” acknowledge that they don’t even know whether the vaccines prevent the disease or just ameliorate the symptoms, or whether they prevent transmittal of the virus, or even how long the vaccine is good for, assuming it’s good for anything besides political theater and enrichment of the pharmaceutical companies.

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