What Do We Do?

They’ve stolen the election, stolen our country out from under us. Well, even a tiny little gecko lizard will fight for his rights. There are 75 million of us, whose votes got canceled out by fraud. Are we less brave than a lizard?

No–but what do we do? We’ve never been in this kind of trouble before. With any bad luck at all, our country will be completely ruined before two years are past.

I don’t know what to do; but here are some parameters.

*It has to be something we can do. No daydreams about 75 million people all doing something all at once. Think in terms of not everybody, but big chunks of everybody. Think of thousands of citizens loudly booing Biden or one of his stooges whenever he appears in public.

*It mustn’t be something that punishes the innocent but which the guilty can just shrug off. Shutting down neighborhood grocery stores won’t make a dent in Nancy Pelosi’s stash of gourmet ice cream.

*Whatever else we do, we have to ensure that the truth is never buried. The truth is that Democrats, globalists, and other villains stole the election and left tons of evidence of it in their wake. But the nooze media–they never tell the truth, it would fry their forked tongues–will insist that it was all just a stupid conspiracy theory, there was never any evidence, blah-blah-blah. They’ve had a lot of practice burying the truth, and now they have Big Tech to help them. Don’t let them do it.

*In any way that can be done individually, let us drag our feet, hold back information, and do anything we can think of to frustrate the illegitimate government and show them what we think of them. We are 75 million strong and we create 90% of all the country’s wealth. If they put us all in jail, who’s going to pay the welfare checks?

*Never, never say that anything but fraud determined the outcome of the 2020 election. Never give in on that point. Never! Let millions of us state this truth every day, at every opportunity.

*If we could find a leader who makes Donald Trump look like a tame pussycat, go for it.

Now that they can predetermine the outcome of any election, and have made elections idle exercises and public support irrelevant, we may be entering a dark age from which nothing resembling our beloved America will emerge.

*Pray without ceasing. It may be God will hear us and have mercy on us, and set us free.


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  1. We certainly should pray without ceasing, but we should have been doing that for years as we watched our country and our culture be destroyed by people who had the courage (however misplaced) to do what they thought they should do. We were busy just getting along, far too busy to do our Christian duty to our country and our fellow man and we are now paying the price for accepting evil with “tolerance.”

    What can we do? NOTHING! Over half of our young people WANT communism/socialism. We are a dying generation and I for one won’t mind leaving. Donald Trump was a momentary bump in the road to demonic slavery. We could have done something sooner, I suppose, but by the time Tump won by a fluke, the ENTIRE DAMNED GOVERNMENT was already obeying the Chicoms. He had virtually NOBODY with one or two exceptions and they are now scrambling around trying not to be destroyed when Trump is destroyed.

    1. There’s no room to list all the abominations we’ve consented to, by our silence; but there have been so many that we never consented to, that got pushed through in spite of us.

      It is never too late for God to display His power.

  2. Up until yesterday, I had a lot of hope that Trump would manage to pull off a win. I never put much stock in the Q-anon nonsense; I didn’t think he necessarily had a master plan in place. I just thought that something would happen, that he was going to pull out the one big thing that would turn it all around, or that God would turn the hearts of the congress and senate. Something.
    And it just turned out worse than I had thought it would. I’ve kept up my hope until now, and I’m pretty discouraged about it. But it has made me realize even more that Jesus is our true hope, no matter what happens.

    I don’t think conservatives are going to fight back. I don’t think there will be any secession; if any states put it to the vote, it won’t pass.

    I do think that dark times are ahead, and that liberals are going to make us pay for the Trump presidency; besides just the usual authoritarian nonsense of masks, vaccines, higher taxes, and all that.

    1. Pray unceasingly.
      Never forget this could not have happened without massive fraud.
      Never forgive the Democrat Party.
      Never trust the GOP establishment.
      At the first opportunity, crush the liberals.

  3. I am discouraged as so many are, though I had a sinking feeling all along that Trump wasn’t going to prevail. He had too much going against him–just how much has been coming out more and more as the weeks go by. Even people we trusted are betraying us in order to save themselves. We hoped and prayed for a miracle to preserve our country from utter destruction, and so far that miracle hasn’t come–at least not in any form we can recognize. No doubt I’m not the only one who has cried out, why? Why could God not reach out His hand to shield those who pray, and believe, and follow His word; preserve one of the last places on earth where true freedom exists, even in this imperfect form?

    But the answer that keeps coming to mind is painfully obvious. We’ve done this to ourselves through our lack of spiritual (and in some ways political) vigilance over the course of many years. Free will has its down side for sure. God may forgive us, but that doesn’t mean He is always willing to save us from enduring the consequences of our own sins. And as a country, we have many to answer for–lots of them still willfully unrepentant. I’ve had to remind myself that even when Jesus was here on Earth, he didn’t stop the corrupt and Godless Roman empire even though he could have with a single word. He knew they were oppressing the Jewish people…knew they would torture, persecute, and murder Christians in the early church. He didn’t even spare himself from their cruelty, allowing himself to be beaten and executed on a Roman cross. History is littered with terrible rulers and governments God didn’t stop, including the Nazis who were trying to eradicate those who are still His chosen people.

    I’m not saying that we should give up hope, because that’s not Biblical. But if this is a time of judgment, or a time of correction, it’s a storm we’re going to have to endure until it passes, and somehow come out on the other side with a stronger, deeper faith than we have presently. That’s no small thing. We’re going to have to take unpopular stands, face persecution and abuse for the sake of our faith. We might lose every worldly thing we have in the process as the left is already making noise about punishing those who have opposed them. We’re going to have to look to Paul for guidance–a man who learned “the secret of being content in any and every situation,” and who said, “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.”

    Maybe this growing darkness will inspire a much needed revival in our country as we sink down to a rock bottom we’ve never imagined possible before. Maybe it will destroy our country as we know it, and this is the beginning of the final battle between God and all those who oppose Him. (When you look carefully at Revelation, none of the major powers still in play resemble the United States–that should give us pause.) But as Christians we have to remember this isn’t really our home, and through all the ups and downs of history, if we skip to the end of THE book, there is a happy ending waiting for us. Those who lie, kill, and steal, who right now think they have claimed victory, are only sealing their eternal fate, and it’s not a good one. Their victory will be short-lived. That may feel like a small consolation now, when the massive storm we see on the horizon is on the verge of overwhelming us, but we need to remember it anyway and keep our eyes focused on what–and who–really matters.

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