What to Do, What to Do…?

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Scanning the nooze this morning, I find myself feeling kind of downhearted; and I don’t know what to write. Democrats are chopping down and paving over what’s left of our republic. But you don’t need me to tell you that.

One thing I am sure of. Our sins, our sloth, our folly landed us in all this trouble. We might have stopped them from stealing the election, but we didn’t–too much trouble. So now we’re stuck.

If we can get out of this without losing our constitutional republic, if we can get out of this without losing our liberty, will we not know that God alone has rescued us? Would that be an important lesson to learn?

Donald Trump took on The Swamp, alone, no one in Washington loyal to him… and The Swamp won. It has too much money, too much power; and as big as it is, The Swamp itself is part of something even bigger–the rule-the-world partnership of global capitalists and Communist China.

In the Book of Judges, Chapter 7, Midianites have conquered and oppressed Israel and Gideon has raised an army to fight back. Verse 2: “And the LORD said to Gideon, The people that are with thee are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, Mine own hand hath saved me.” Gideon had raised an army of a little over 30,000 men. God had him send home all of them except 300–a hundredth of what Gideon had started with.

By the power of God and not by man, the Midianites were smashed and driven out of Israel.

God loves to use weak things to overthrow the strong; and He punishes the proud. He loves it when His enemies confide in their own strength, not knowing they’re practically begging Him to tear them down.

Pray unceasingly. It may be God will save us.



4 comments on “What to Do, What to Do…?

  1. I agree fully with all you have written, and I am committed fully to this course of action. No matter what, we who leave our outcome in the hands of the Almighty will be protected, even though we may have to go through some hard testing.

  2. Ultimately, the matter is in the hands of Yehovah, the Almighty God and Creator. One of the hardest things is to remain calm when there are no other steps we, personally, can take, but we are at that point, now. The next 72 hours will be very interesting.

    Do not despair, and do not be afraid. Even if communications are interrupted, stand fast to your faith. Our God will not abandon us. Think of the sons of Israel, on the shore of the Red Sea. The mightiest army on earth was thundering down upon then with evil intent. They were trapped, their only escape route being filed by Pharaoh’s army. The sea was parted and a thick cloud kept the Egyptian army from reaching the Sons of Israel. Israel crossed, as though on dry land, and after they had crossed, Pharaoh’s army was permitted to enter the Red Sea, meeting their doom at the hand of the God of Israel.

    We see the current situation and now it comes down to God, and where we stand in the course of His timeline. If He is ready to act upon His plans, then that will happen and we have no more power in that matter than the Egyptians had to hold back the waters of the Red Sea. If that time has not yet arrived, then He will act accordingly.

    Don’t feel bad about having nothing to write about; I would have little to offer in the way of comments, at this point. 🙂

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