Biting the Hand That Feeds Him (P.S. You’re Fired) PBS Video: Appstore for Android

Guess what? They hate you!

The Public Broadcasting System this week has fired its head lawyer, Michael Beller, for getting caught on video saying how much he hates and despises the American people who pay his salary (

Project Veritas caught Mr. Beller. So PBS’s CEO fired him because, let’s face it, PBS is entirely funded by the American people and it’s bad for them to be calling the people names and saying it’d be great if more of the dumb ‘n’ stupid peasants died of COVID, etc. The CEO whined about Veritas’ “deceptive videos” and then fired Beller anyhow. Huh?

Beller also said Republicans’ children should be forcibly taken from them and put in re-education camps. Silly Wabbit. Hasn’t he heard of public schooling?

The author of the piece at The American Thinker, Andrea Widburg, says Beller was fired because the opinions he expressed are practically universal among the Washington D.C. elite. They all despise us.

Why must we be, um, “governed” by people who hate us? Don’t you think there’s something wrong with that.?

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  1. The trouble is that we can vote only for people who run for office, and people can run for office only if the Party machine vets them and gets funding for their campaigns. And now it’s not just the Party machine that determines whom we’re allowed to vote for, but Big Tech and Big Finance as well. The only break in the pattern that we’ve ever had — at least in my lifetime — was Donald Trump, an outlier from politics who didn’t need outside funding and who was already a celebrity in his own right. He did a wonderful job — until the savages finally managed to bring him down. And now they’re trying to destroy him and his whole family, personally and financially, along with anyone who ever worked for him or supported him.

    I’ve been worrying about Barron lately, How is a 14-year-old going to handle watching his father being savaged and labeled a traitor, not to mention his half-brothers and -sister figuratively running for their lives? In fact, is he old enough to start wondering about his own future while watching all this? We need to keep him in our prayers.

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