Sanity Break: The Maned Wolf


Jambo! Mr. Nature here, coming to you from Brazil.

What is that? Is it a fox on stilts?

No, it’s an animal few of us in North America have ever heard of, the South American maned wolf. It’s not a wolf, it’s not a fox, it’s just a weird canine that lives in South America. As you can guess by the people calmly watching it, the maned wolf is no threat to human beings. Actually, there aren’t that many of them left.

They don’t bark and they don’t roar: their vocalization sounds like a little bit of both. It seems like it’s safe to leave out table scraps for them.

God’s stuff: endless variation on the basic themes.

5 comments on “Sanity Break: The Maned Wolf

  1. Interesting and beautiful creature. Never heard of it but I’ll be researching it to learn more.

    The last line that you wrote about God’s endless variations on basic themes is the way I see the human being that God created. All of us are based on a basic model made up of the uniqueness of human beings created in God’s image. What we see with skin shades, hair types, body shapes, and so on are just the beautiful variations that God worked into the model. That’s why racism is so wrong. We are not made up of different races but we are one race with variations built in.

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