Public Service Message: These Are Not Real Puppies

A number of people have expressed confusion over whether the large salamanders called “mud puppies” really are puppies. Sometimes this leads to unsuitable gifts for small children.

Real puppies are warm and fluffy and playful. Mud puppies are cold, wet, and apt to bite really hard. There is no truth to the belief that they grow up into dogs. Mud puppies they are, and mud puppies they shall remain.

You are unlikely to find real puppies swimming around under the ice in winter. What you’d be seeing under those circumstances are almost certain to be mud puppies.

And there really is no point in trying to train them to do tricks. They don’t like it.

12 comments on “Public Service Message: These Are Not Real Puppies

  1. Funny the animal names based on “mud.” Mudpuppies sound cute and cuddly but are yucky and nasty. But crawfish are called mudbugs in Looziana even though they’re a delicious favorite on every menu. Go figure.

    By the way, I may not be commenting much today. Iggy’s having one of his bad days, and I have to keep jumping up from the computer every time I hear the gack-gack-gack beginning. I was kind of expecting this, though. He had three relatively good days in a row, and I’d just been thinking that we were due for a bad day or two.

    1. Oh, dear. I hate it when my cats make sounds like that. We always wonder if they’ve found something really harmful to eat.
      I keep you in my prayers, Phoebe. Iggy, too.

    2. Thanks, Lee. So far, he’s thrown up in four different places since 2:30 am, including the sofa, which is now covered in paper towels blotting up the vinegar rinse I always use to get the stains out. And it isn’t even lunchtime yet. But as I said, he had three pretty good days before this (“good day” means throwing up only once, usually in the middle of the night), so I was kind of expecting problems. It’s a chronic condition by now.

    3. We’ve done X-rays and a sonogram over the past two years, and all we can tell is that there’s a thickening of the intestines — but no tumor. Iggy has always had a delicate stomach, but it used to be that he’d throw up maybe once every two or three weeks. By now, as I’ve said, I consider it a good day when he throws up only once. If he doesn’t throw up at all, I consider that a spectacular day. There have been a few times in the past two years when I thought I was going to lose him, but so far he’s always come back to normal (see above on “good days”). Yesterday he was even playing with one of his toys. So I just wait everything out and pray. Of course, he’s sixteen-and-a-half years old, so eventually…. But meanwhile, he’s still with me and he’s a dear little boy.

    4. Lee, I just tried posting a reply to your question about what the vet says, and not only did WordPress mess up my name but it also now says the my “comment is awaiting moderation.” Can you just delete the whole thing on your end so I can try reposting? Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Ina.

      And Lee, the “awaiting moderation” notice is gone. I guess they decided that elaborate descriptions of sick cats weren’t subversive. 🙂

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