Have We Been Canceled?

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You know that feeling you get when you step into quicksand and it suddenly sucks you down? Well, all right, you probably don’t know that feeling.

For all of November and December, and the first half of this month, this blog was cruising along, setting records, vews galore–and these last three days, glug-glug-glug! And I really have to wonder if some creepy little person out there has found a way to flatten our tires. Can they do that?

There is no question that they want to do it. Let’s silence everybody who’s not the Far Left Crazy! Because COVID!

Sorry if I sound a little paranoid. It seems to be the temper of the times.

8 comments on “Have We Been Canceled?

  1. The weather in this northwest area has been extreme for the last several days, winds downing trees on cars, crashing through houses, pinning people in their beds, wrecking cars and trucks, putting people out of power for days, closing food stores, and on it goes. Almost everybody has a relative or close friend who has been diagnosed with the nasty C, and it is keeping people occupied with miserable, weird stuff.

  2. A lot of conservative blogs and podcasts have been watching their viewer and follower figures plummet as the various platform-meisters decide to deplatform them with the death of a thousand cuts. But I can’t imagine Big Tech looking down from on high and saying, “Hmm, all that talk about quokkas is dangerous. Gotta cancel their view numbers.” Maybe Violet Crepuscular’s critics decided to boycott. Or then again, maybe WordPress is having hiccups again.

  3. Yes, they can cancel us. My wife has been canceled from Twitter for saying the Presidential election was fraudulent. She had thousands of followers – poof, all gone. On the light side, it is impossible to be completely submerged by quicksand – whew! that was a close one 🙂 .

  4. We’ve been on edge here in Michigan, especially since Jan 6th, and i’m not communicating much with anyone outside home. I’m not terrorized by the covid/lockdowns/vaccination situations thrust upon us, but many people here are very scared by that and the political situation. I’ve been following your blog entries, and I especially appreciate the animal videos, which are very stress- relieving! When I clicked on your email to this article and the preceding one “They Mean To Eat Us Alive”, a page came up saying your site is unreachable, but after clicking twice more, your blog appeared.

    1. Thanks, Michele. I’ve had several reports of blog problems along these lines.

      I’m glad you like the critter videos. Relieving stress is exactly what they’re there for.

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