‘The Snow Apocalypse of 2018!!!’ (2018)

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As it happens, it’s snowing right now, here in New Jersey, although just now it seems to have stopped suddenly.

As hard as it is to imagine, snow in the winter is… well, normal!–for this part of the country. But noozies find that very hard to imagine. Maybe even impossible.

The Snow Apocalypse of 2018!!!

I think most of us have noticed by now that the chief mission of cable TV nooze is to scare the audience. The purpose of the scares is usually to freak us into supporting Democrats and their insane public policies. Among their all-time favorite drums to beat are Climbit Chainge, COVID-19, and White Supremacists–any one of ’em gonna kill ya dead unless you give the government a lot more power. Man-made Climate Change is wholly imaginary, COVID is grossly exaggerated, and if there are more than two dozen genuine White Supremacists in a country of some 350 million people, that would be a huge surprise.

I hope it starts snowing again. I was just settling into it.

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