‘Google Gizmo “Disables” Religious References’ (2018)

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Today’s idols, tomorrow’s junk

Actually, they only disabled references to Jesus. Only the true religion stumps Google.

Google Gizmo ‘Disables’ Religious References

Where do people think computers get their “smarts” from? Do you think a Google gizmo can “know” anything that some human programmer didn’t put in?

Sometimes we, as Christians, have to purchase goods and services from non-Christians, or even from bad people–because that’s the fallen world we live in. But God forbid we should ever turn to Google for any kind of guidance.

“Alexa, what must I do to be saved?” is a foolish question.

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  1. Remember when any time something went wrong you were told it couldn’t be set right because “the computer says….”? And no matter how many times you would remind them that computers can say only what their programmers have told them to say and you want some human being to tell the computer to fix the problem, they would look at you blankly and repeat, “But the computer says….” Well, hey, guess what? Now we have the same thing with “The science says….” And you can’t get it through to them that (a) there’s no “the” science because science itself is a process of developing understanding, and (b) science isn’t a living entity that can “say” anything.

  2. Speaking of false information makes one think of what the MSM is not reporting on. People who were involved with the election steal are still coming forward. As I said before, the powers of darkness that now think they are in power are going to turn on each other. Symbolic of all this was exhibited at the Inauguration. After Biden was sworn in there was two minutes of silence (the video of it is on the Internet) before anyone was able to speak because all those politicians present knew they were guilty of a sham. Our God is a God of Justice, and He will repay for this abominable crime that has been committed on the true American patriots who worked so hard for Trump’s reelection. Keep an eye out for the court cases that are coming. It is not over yet, only believe in the righteousness of our Savior Who loves America and will not abandon her.

    1. I pray several times a day: Lord, confound them in their arrogance, and overthrow them in their pride.
      We don’t have a government anymore. It’s more a crime syndicate than anything else.

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